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Nightstand decor ideas according to pros

We all like to decorate our environment using personal objects and various decorations that fits into our interior style and matches our likings, however, sometimes it is not as easy… the ideas do not come, or the decor we imagined in our minds, does not look so good in reality.

Luckily, there are some golden interior design rules you can always go back to. Run out of nightstand decor ideas? Listen to the pros - in this article, we teach you a rule that most interior designers use. It's like a jolly-joker as it always works if you look for a harmonious nightstand decor.

First: let’s see the type of decorations

The term “decor” can mean a lot of things - from plants to family portraits, you can think of various items you put on your shelves or console table. To be a better decorator, you need to be able to categorize types of decor. Is it related to light? Nature? Or is it a personal thing? Maybe art?

If the decor cannot be categorized well or if you’re having a hard time finding the purpose of an item, it is most likely an unnecessary thing in your environment - or, to be more strict: rather clutter. Try to avoid them and limit your decor to the essentials only.

how to decorate a nightstand

The 4-item nightstand decor rule

Step 1: When styling your nightstand, make sure that all selected items fit into one of the categories below:

  • Light: the bedside lamp, reading lamp or ambient lighting

  • Storage / Function: a little box, a felt basket, a clock, etc.

  • Nature: a plant, seasonal flowers or organic decoration

  • Well-being: something for your soul and according to your personal taste, like a family portrait, a book, some aromatherapy candles, or a piece of art

If an item does not fit into these categories, put it away, otherwise it would just make your nightstand overcrowded.

Step 2: Make sure that there are no more items on the top of your nightstand than 4-5.

Of course, your nightstand will hold a lot more items, but those that you want to hide, it makes sense to store in the drawers. See some examples in our recent article: What do you put in a nightstand?

Nightstand decor ideas with the 4-item rule

Below you can find some nightstand decor ideas that all utilize the 4-item rule, listing the types of objects.

A classic and elegant bedside

classic nightstand decor ideas

In this modern classic interior, there is a wall-mounted bedside lamp [LIGHT], a simple white vase with some greens [NATURE], some books [FUNCTION], a candle and a piece of decor/art that is most likely close to its owner's heart [WELL-BEING].

A bohemian-inspired nightstand decor

boho nightstand decor ideas

In this bohemian interior, there is a huge vase with a large and bold bouquet of dried flowers [NATURE], an industrial lamp with an Edison bulb [LIGHT], some books [FUNCTION] and a little sculpture [WELL-BEING].

Minimalist nightstand decoration

minimalist nightstand decor ideas

The minimalist look is emphasized by the clear contrast between the nightstand and the items on it: a minimalist black vase that works as an accent, with organic decoration in it [NATURE], a glass [FUNCTION], some scents and a rosary [WELL-BEING].

A clean Scandinavian bedside decor

scandinavian nightstand decor ideas

In this Scandinavian interior, the chevron-textured wooden bedside table holds a minimalist vase with a large green leaf [NATURE], a modern bedside lamp [LIGHT], some magazines [WELL-BEING] and a coffee cup [FUNCTION].

A japandi-inspired nightstand decor

japandi nightstand decor ideas

This japandi style interior with the low height nightstand gives place to a beautiful organic decoration [NATURE], a tray for storing small things [FUNCTION], some books and scents [WELL-BEING].

How to style a nightstand with more items

how to style a nightstand

If you have more than 4 or 5 items, like small essentials or accessories (such as eyeglasses, ear plugs, tissues, etc.), you can still store them on your nightstand without overcrowding it, using a smart way...

Pro tip: use a tray or container to keep your small items together, this way it will look and act as only one item in the nightstand decor.

Further nightstand decor ideas

Need more inspiration? Check the gallery below - these nightstand decor ideas also utilize the 4-item method.

Interested in further interior design tips? Check our recent articles below.

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