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how mybettershelf furniture is made

Handcrafted to last

See how we make our furniture, how we care about the details and how we (and you) act for sustainability.

making a floating nightstand

each piece is made by hand

Our workshop is not a place for conveyor belts and automated assembly - a mybettershelf product is handmade and will always be. Each piece gets the same care and attention. 

precious finish

It does not just look good - you'll be glad to touch it every day, as it is sanded and finished smooth, for beauty and protection. 

making a floating drawer
floating nightstand drawers

real solid wood

We always use the best available wood material: oak, walnut, maple, cherry just to mention the most popular species. Even exotic wood types are possible if you wish something unique.

professional painting

Painted in a specialized painter workshop, the furniture gets the selected color and finish: matte, semi-gloss or lacquered (high-gloss).

furniture painting

Designed with nature in mind

We always go the extra mile to design the making process in a sustainabile way and we refill nature to compensate for the resources we have used up of.

natural finish

We use a 100% natural-based finish made by the Austrian Natural Naturfarben brand, containing no hazardous materials either for people or nature.

tree refill program

After each order that contains solid wood, we plant a tree via the local MyForest Community Forests organization - this way refilling the material to the nature.

recycled materials

All of our standard orders are shipped in cartoon boxes made of 100% recycled paper material. We recommend keeping the boxes to use them for future storage.

the result

If you select the mybettershelf quality,

  • you can experience the amazing solid wood

  • you'll have handcrafted furniture, made with care

  • there will be no screws visible

  • you'll get the furniture ready to use, fully assembled

As we make our pieces for decades, it was important to create a design that survives the waves of trends: this is why we selected minimalism and made it everlasting.

floating dressing table drawer

Interested in further details?

Feel free to ask - we'll be happy to answer.

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