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tiny space?

not a problem!

If you have not reached the perfect zen interior in your home yet – maybe it is not your fault. Maybe you have been trying to achieve it using the wrong elements. Take a look at floating furniture: a step towards your zen.

floating furniture top

gain back 15% of your floor space

Click to the link for a free guide including a customer case study and a bedroom calculator that you can use for your own home.

bespoke bedroom furniture?

If you have special dimensions the furniture should fit in, or simply look for something really unique, we are happy to work with you on custom-made bedroom furniture designs. 


Briefly about floating furniture

Why are they called floating furniture? You have surely heard about floating nightstands, floating shelves, etc. – and there is one thing common in them: they have an invisible mounting, it seems like these furniture float as nothing would hold them.

Types of floating furniture

Many regular, floor-standing furniture have its floating version: floating nightstands replace regular nightstands, floating dressing tables can be used instead of traditional dressing tables, but it is also true for floating desks and several types of floating shelves that offer a great wall storage, without making the room cluttered.

Floating furniture: the PROs and CONs

When working on your interior project, you may wonder about all advantages and disadvantages this type of furniture offers. Here is a quick summary of how see it.


The PROs of floating furniture

  • Great space saving: pieces of floating furniture are smaller than traditional furniture and they do not occupy the floor. Get extra space in your bedroom this way and enjoy the benefits of no hard-to-clean areas and corners. Vacuum cleaning is much easier.

  • Cost-efficiency: floating furniture are smaller than floor-standing furniture, they are made of less material in a shorter time, so they are more wallet-friendly as well.

  • Modern look: in addition to the mentioned practical benefits, floating furniture create modern and trendy interior. You can furnish almost all your rooms with floating furniture: floating shelves, floating bedside tables, dressing tables and more.


The CONs of floating furniture

  • Fix position: wall-mounted furniture is not as easy to move as regular furniture – you will need to take off and re-mount them.

  • Less storage: as floating furniture are smaller due to size/weight limitations, they offer smaller storage area

Ways of mounting floating furniture

Floating furniture is usually mounted with french cleat (what is that?) or using special floating shelf brackets. We use both methods depending on the model. In both cases, mounting is really simple, you have to attach first the french cleat or the mounting bracket to the wall securely, then just hang or slide the unit on it. Your interior has just got an upgrade.

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