wall-mounted, stylish storage below your sink

Select our custom floating bathroom vanity making services: specify the size, design and material that fits in your interior and adapts to your sink and faucet.


the benefits of floating design

The floating design does not take any floor space, but still offers plenty of storage - while your bathroom remains spacious.

Floating furniture is not just a passing trend - it offers a minimal and stylish element in basically any type of interior.

flexible height

Being a wall-mounted furniture, you can install it in any height you want / your water system allows.

why it makes sense to have a custom-made vanity

floating bathroom vanity

any size
Each bathroom is different with different amounts of space - which sometimes makes it hard to find a pre-made vanity that fits just right in your bathroom.


custom design
You want to elevate your interior and have something made that matches the most with it. By selecting mybettershelf bathroom vanity making services, you dream a design and we make it.


unique needs
Each of our designs is customizable, we can adapt it for your faucet, sink and drain tube system.


what kind of sink will you have?

We can make vanities both for vessel sinks and drop-in sinks.


vessel sink

This type of sink sits elegantly atop the counter. In this case, we make a hole for its drain tube on the top of the cabinet and also on the back panel where the tube exits the cabinet and enters the wall.


drop-in sink

Also referred to as trough sinks, they are partially or fully integrated into the cabinet – sometimes even replacing the whole top panel of the cabinet. We can build cabinets with the right size of cutout on the top, or even cabinets without a top that accept such sink panel.

what kind of faucet will you have?

We can adapt our vanities for all the common types of faucets.


sink-integrated faucet


In many cases the sinks have built-in slots to mount a faucet. In this case there is no special customization needed on the vanity.


vanity-mounted faucet

If the faucet is mounted on the vanity, we can create a custom size and custom shape cutout where the faucet will perfectly fit.


wall faucet


In case of wall faucets, there is no customization needed on the vanity - only the sink should be positioned according to the location of the faucet.

special U-shape drawer for the internal tube

Our floating bathroom vanities do not just give plenty of storage but elegantly hide the drain tube (including the so-called P-trap section). The internal design includes a U-shape drawer that gives space for the tube.


side view


U-shape drawer


U-shape drawer (opened)

reveal the internal design in this video

floating bathroom vanity front
floating bathroom vanity U-shape drawer
U-shape drawer open

models for vessel sinks



download design plan (coming soon)


download design plan (coming soon)


download design plan (coming soon)

stacked double

download design plan (coming soon)

soft-close, full extension drawer slides

The drawers of our floating bathroom vanities include soft-close slides. It does not just offer a smooth and automatic closing, but these drawer slides are full-extension models which lets you pull out the drawer in its entire length to arrange it conveniently.

U-shape drawer open
floating bathroom vanity top

special finish for wet environments

Our wooden bathroom vanities are finished with a special oil that is originally created for outdoor wooden furniture. It’s made only on natural ingredients and provides a protective coat to wooden surfaces.

Our painted bathroom vanity models are made of waterproof MDF to avoid any curving of the material and have high-gloss paint finish to be resistant to spilled water.

space-saver design

The floating design, besides its modern look, offers great space-saving: the furniture does not take up any floor space - your bathroom remains nice and spacious.

floating bathroom vanity 2 drawers

how to order?

  1. Fill out the form below. We require some basic info regarding size, material, your sink type, etc.

  2. Based on the details, we will send you an estimated offer (a price range).

  3. If you like the offer, we start working on the design - we create a digital drawing that we can use to fine-tune the details.

  4. When all the details are settled, we send you the final offer.

  5. You can place your order.


floating bathroom vanity planner

Submit the information below and we'll be happy to create an offer for your bathroom project.


Thank you for submitting your bathroom vanity. We will get back to you in 24 hours.

making time


Our vanities are made to order: the making time is generally 4-6 weeks after placing the order, but we try to be flexible if you have an urgent deadline.



We use high protection packaging and deliver worldwide with UPS, TNT, etc. Larger units are shipped in a wooden box for extra protection.



You can pay via PayPal or using a credit card. Our payment term is 100% prepayment but optionally we can offer 50% prepayment first and 50% before delivery.

frequently asked questions

Do you provide the sink and countertop?

We are specialized in furniture design and making, so the sink and countertop are not part of our offerings - these should be supplied by you.

Can such a large piece of furniture be shipped safely?

Yes - we deliver worldwide since 2017 and during this time we have perfected our high protection packaging. Smaller items are shipped with wood-reinforced cartoon boxes, while large pieces are delivered in custom-made wooden boxes.

Do you deliver to my country?

We deliver worldwide - to every country according to the large couriers’ country list (UPS, TNT, etc.)

How soon can I have my vanity delivered?

Our making time is 4-6 weeks (flexible) and the delivery can take a few days to 1-2 weeks depending on the carrier - so after placing the order, your vanity can arrive in 1-2 months.

How is the vanity mounted to the wall?

We can build our vanities either with french cleat mounting or direct mounting (pre-drilled holes on the back panel).

Do you provide mounting hardware?

Screws and wall plugs are not included in the package, as each wall requires a different type. Make sure to use such a type that is designed for your wall.


Do I need a professional to install the vanity?

You don’t need a professional unless you have no experience with wall-mounted furniture. In several projects the plumbing work is finished at the same time when the furniture is mounted, so those people can also help in the installation.

have further questions?

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