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benefits of floating furniture

With floating furniture
your bedroom becomes
 15%* more spacious
(and 100% more stylish)

Forget crowded bedrooms: declutter your space and free up floor area by having floating furniture.

It's not only a practical choice of interior design, but a gem in your home to fall in love with.

space-saver bedroom furniture

* Your beloved bedroom, but bigger

It's not wizardry. It's pure math!

We made the calculation: with a set of floating nightstands and dressing table, you can free up 15% area of a small-size bedroom. Such kind of furniture does not take up any floor space, your bedroom will be spacious and well organized again. 

If you are interested in the exact numbers, download our complete case study, including the calculation.

The revival of your bedroom – and You.


New interior, new mood. There are several practical advantages you will benefit from each and every day, when you switch to floating furniture:

more space

You free up floor space, your bedroom gets more organized. It will a place that brings you joy every day when your return.

easier cleaning

There will be no more hard-to-reach areas, it will be easy mop under the wall-mounted furniture, and your robot vacuum will also love the new freedom.

a unique home

Your home gets such an appearance that is not made of mass-produced items. You'll be proud of your Pinterest-ready interior.

If you have not heard about floating furniture yet...

You know they cannot really float, however, it still seems like nothing holds them!

It's because we use a hidden mounting system that is not visible from the outside. Unlike regular mounting brackets, it offers a clean and minimal look. Also, this tricky way of mounting is strong enough to pack your shelves with the same weight as on classic nightstands.

Move your mouse

on the picture

to reveal the hidden mounting!

floating nightstand with copper drawer
floating shelf mounting

Just a few minutes to mount,

but it lasts for decades

It's not rocket science, you will need only a driller. If you let us know your wall type when ordering, we can include the right screws and wall plugs as well.


Each order comes with a detailed manual, so mounting this kind of furniture won't cause any problem even if you have never had wall-mounted furniture.  

What does "home comfort" mean to you?

2020-21 proved us all how we can appreciate (or hate) the quality of our home comfort. Are you sure you spent the time it actually  deserves? Are you feeling well in your home?

"Home" has a lot of meanings, but surely none of these:

  • stumbling over an overcrowded interior

  • making compromise about furniture all the time

  • not upgrading our interior because we have already got used to it, however, we are displeased with it all the time

home comfort
girl in bedroom

You spend the third of your life (!) in your bedroom. The key is how.

It really matters where you return after a long day - and where you wake up each and every morning. Let it be the peaceful sanctuary of your home, where every detail serves You and you can truly recharge.

Never settle for less than what you're longing for.

floating shelves

ash floating shelf

floating nightstands

oak nightstand

floating dressing tables

floating dressing table
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