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about us

We all have that 'better self' that craves after a better interior...

Better - meaning nicer, more practical, giving more pleasure to the eye.

Or in other words, an interior that offers joy rather than frustration.

That's how the mybettershelf brand was born.

It's a play of words, using the 'my better self' term, replacing the 'self' by 'shelf" - emphasizing that we focus on floating furniture.

Meet Gergely

Founder and designer of mybettershelf furniture, Gergely Zámbó is a lover a wood - always referring to it as the gift of nature. Gergely made his very first floating nightstand in 2016 as a hobby project. He soon realized that furniture design interests him the most, so teamed up with professional craftsmen – this is how the company was founded. Gergely’s work has been acclaimed – besides by interior designers accross the globe – by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency as well, in 2020.

Gergely Zámbó mybettershelf

Started in a small apartment in Budapest...

In the heart of Europe, a small apartment in Budapest, after work hours. That was the perfect time for making the very first floating nightstands - hoping that neighbors won't get disturbed too much. The initial setting soon needed to change and the project moved to a professional woodworking studio, that has the capacity and know-how to create state-of-the-art floating furniture.

Budapest Hungary

... now the choice of professional interior designers in California

california house

Over the years, our brand got recognized by professionals as well, including interior designers in the USA, UK and Germany, while serving customers basically all over the world.


Mybettershelf products will never be mass-produced. It's still the choice of those who look for something unique, made by hand, without any compromise in quality. Are you one of them?

from our workshop...

... to our clients

ash furniture
colorful bedroom
floating dressing table

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interested in further details?

Feel free to ask - we'll be happy to answer.

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