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Upgrade your interior with floating shelves, a simple but practical, and super-looking wall storage – from bedrooms to kitchens.

floating shelves save space

in every room of your home:


Small spaces remain spacious.



A floating bookshelf keeps all your favorites at one place.



A floating bedside shelf makes sure that your essentials are always in reach.


Space-saver wall-mounted storage for your towels, cosmetics and more.



Your personal tea / coffee / spice shelf, holding the best ingredients.


some of your questions – answered

How are the shelves mounted?

We include 2 pcs. of metal mounting brackets. You need to mount these in the wall, then slide the shelves onto them. For custom size orders, if the size is larger, we include 3 of these.

How much weight can these shelves hold?

Quite a lot, both the shelf and the mounting brackets are strong, but we recommend not putting more than 5-10 kg on it. When adding weight, make sure that the brackets fit securely in the wall.

Can I order custom size?

Yes, we are happy to take custom orders – use this calculator to get a quote.

How much time is needed to make the shelves?

We make floating shelves usually in 2-3 weeks, depending on how many orders we have for nightstands and dressing tables. Of course, we do our best to complete your order as soon as possible.

How much time does the delivery take?

To Europe, only a few days, to USA, Australia ~5-10 business days.

How much does the delivery cost?

$25 to Europe, $45 to everywhere else – FREE to Europe above $200.


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The difference between floating shelves and regular wall shelves


If you are new to floating shelves, you may wonder why they are called that – the answer is simple: because they look like nothing holds them, as they would float. In fact, they have a hidden mounting system, floating shelf brackets that stick out of the wall and the shelves slide onto them. This is invisible from the outside – unlike regular wall shelves, which have visible mounting brackets.


Where do floating shelves work the best?


Floating shelves can be used anywhere in your home, but they are installed particularly in such interiors where the available space is limited or if a modern look is preferred – a look that only floating shelves can offer. Below we show a few examples of floating shelves, according to which room they are installed in:


Floating shelves as bedside tables

In many bedrooms, there is not enough space on the bedside for having classic bedside tables. Floating shelves do a great job in such spaces. They are smaller and do not take up any floor area so there will be no hard-to-clean spots, like in case of the regular free-standing nightstands. 


Floating shelves for living room decor

Due to their minimalist look, your favorite decoration will look stunning on them, as a key point in your living room. In addition to decoration, floating shelves are often used as book shelves or also for tv shelf, or showing family photos – and basically anything you are happy to see in your home.


Floating shelves for kitchen

Whether it is a small kitchen or you just want to have your favorite cup or spices exposed, floating shelves offer a great choice for kitchens and dining rooms too. They are easily accessible when cooking, while they bring a cosy look to your interior.


Floating shelves used for bathroom storage

It is convenient to always easily reach your towels and daily hygiene items in the bathroom, and floating shelves definitely make it possible. For really wet places we can manufacture them using water-proof MDF material (let us know if that is requested). 


Floating shelves create a cosy entryway

But not just cosy – they are practical too, as they are great space-savers in smaller entryways. Put your wallet, keys or ignition key while taking your clothes. Put a note on it for your husband or wife not to forget the groceries that day.


How to mount floating shelves?


Floating shelves are usually mounted with french cleats or special floating shelf mounting brackets, made of wood or metal. We use french cleats for floating nightstands, but as our floating shelves are quite thin, the best for them is mounting brackets. Using such floating shelf brackets, installation is done in a blink of an eye:

1. Attach the floating shelf mounting bracket on the wall (2 pieces are included for small shelves). Make sure to use a wall plug that is designed for your wall type.

2. After that, you just need to slide the shelf on the brackets. It’s done!