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spacious interior – even in the tiniest bedroom

Think of a nightstand... then make it space-saver, wall mounted, amazingly well designed and beautifully crafted. That's a mybettershelf floating nightstand!

floating nightstand with drawer
floating nightstands top

floating nightstands with drawer

Practical minimalism on your bedside - a space-saver, stylish way of storage that does take up your valuable floor space.

floating nightstands with drawer and an extra shelf

Designed for those who like the space-saver and minimalist style in their bedrooms, but need some extra storage space.

have not found what you were looking for?

Tell us what you have in mind! We can build our floating nightstands in custom size, or use other wood types, paint them to other colors – and we can also create a fully unique design just for you.

custom size floating nightstand


What is a floating nightstand?

Floating nightstands are wall-mounted shelves or drawers that have invisible mounting – in spite of regular wall shelves that have visible shelf brackets. They are called floating because it seems like nothing holds them – due to the hidden mounting system. 

Floating nightstands are a group of floating furniture, besides floating shelves, floating dressing tables or even floating writing desks.

What advantages do floating nightstands have compared to regular nightstands?

This type of wall-mounted furniture offers several benefits:
Saving space in the bedroom 
Floating nightstands are remarkably smaller than regular ones and they do not take up floor space. You will have extra space in your bedroom and there will be no hard-to-clean areas, like in case of the regular pieces. 
Cost-efficient furniture choice
Since floating nightstands are smaller, it takes less time and material to make them, therefore these are always cheaper than regular furniture of the same quality. Shipping is more wallet-friendly, too. 
Contemporary look
They offer a trendy and contemporary look for your room, while you can still decide having something more traditional, by customizing the design, color, wood type, etc. They are neat, can be easily matched with classic and modern interiors as well.

How to mount floating nightstands?

If you love wall-mounted furniture, like floating nightstands, french cleats may sound familiar – it is one of the most frequently used mounting methods of floating furniture. With french cleats, mounting is absolutely easy:

1. First, attach the french cleat to the wall. It is important to install it horizontally and using screws and wall plugs that are appropriate for your wall type.

2. The second – final – step is just hanging the furniture on the french cleat. There’s nothing else to do!

Guide for selecting your floating nightstand

We offer a wide range of models. When selecting the furniture of your dreams, we suggest considering the following attributes:

  • size: Measure your available space on your bedside and select from the 3 standard sizes (small, medium or large) or feel free to request custom size.

  • design: Decide having a shelf with or without drawer. If you look for a floating drawer, you will have the minimalist, retro and classic model options, amongst others.

  • wood type: Consider the wood color/material of your existing furniture and floor and select such wood that harmonizes with them well. We offer ash, beech, birch, cherry, maple, oak, pine and walnut and can stain solid wood to basically any color.

  • color: Make sure the selected nightstand matches with your existing interior colors. In case of painted models, you can customize the color by selecting any of the RAL color list ( or the NCS color list ( By default, painted shelves are usually RAL white (RAL 9010).

  • paint finish: in case of painted models, you can customize the finish by selecting from matte, semi-gloss (satin) or high-gloss finish options. By default, all models are painted to semi-gloss.

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