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Practicality and style are built together in these dressing tables: your instant space-saver choice for your bedroom, with benefits for a lifetime.


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What is a floating dressing table?


Floating dressing table is functionally the same as a regular dressing table, however it is mounted on the wall and by simply looking at it, you cannot tell how it is mounted. In fact, it has a hidden mounting, this is why it seems as the dressing table would float, without any support. Floating dressing tables are often used in small interiors, along with floating nightstands or various floating shelves, to save space.


Floating dressing tables vs. regular dressing tables


Consider the following advantages when designing your bedroom interior:


Space saving 

Floating vanities are used usually in small rooms or where there is limited space on the bedside. In such case, floating dressing tables function great as floor will not be occupied, cleaning gets easier and the bedroom gets an airy look. No matter how small space you have, your can have your very own your floating makeup vanity. 



Manufacturing and shipping of floating dressing tables are easier than the large regular tables, so your wallet will also love this type of bedroom furniture. 


Trendy look

In addition to all the practical advantages, the design is not at all negligible - even more important in some cases. You spend ⅓ of your life in your bedroom, so it makes sense to select a furniture that you have really fallen in love with.


How to mount floating dressing tables?


Floating dressing tables and vanities can be mounted really easily. We use the french cleat method, the invisible mounting system that is widely used for floating furniture. It is simple, strong and – that’s the best part – hidden. The mounting takes only two steps:

1. Installing the french cleat on the wall (make sure to use appropriate wall plugs that fits your wall type).

2. Hanging the dressing table on the french cleat. This is how it becomes a floating dressing table.