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floating dr tables top


the essential furniture for a contemporary living room

Create a contemporary interior and have practical storage in your living room, while enjoying a clean and minimalist look.

floating TV stand

made to order

in only 4-6 weeks

free worldwide shipping

in high protection packaging

14-day money back


variable height

You are not limited by the height of the furniture as floating TV stands can be mounted as high or as low as you prefer, along with your TV.

white floating TV stand
floating TV shelf walnut

mitered edges and

hidden drawer opening

Enhance minimalism in your home with the handle-free drawer design and the mitered edges that offer entirely flush surfaces.

goes well with contemporary

interior styles

Our floating TV stands work best in minimalist, japandi and Scandinavian interiors, but thanks to their simple designs, they can be used with other styles, too.

japandi living room with floating TV stand
floating TV stand with cable cutout

various customization options

Would you like to avoid the ugly look of cables - or want to hide your power outlet on the wall in an elegant way? These are all possible with our custom designs.

"We have just received our furniture, it is extremely well made and the wood is beautiful. Your packaging was just the best ever, so well protected and neat to open. Thank you so much, it was a pleasure doing business with you."


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What is a floating TV stand?

A floating TV stand, also called floating TV shelf or floating TV console is a piece of modern furniture that is a preferred choice for contemporary living rooms and also for small spaces. It is called floating because it has a hidden mounting system - it seems like nothing holds it. Floating TV stands can hold free-standing televisions but many times the TV is mounted on the wall and the cables and other electronics are hidden in the furniture.

Floating TV stand vs. regular TV stand

Floating TV stands, besides their contemporary look, offer several practical advantages as well, compared to regular (free-standing) TV stands. Consider the following features when designing your living room interior:


Space saving: a floating TV stand is ideal in small spaces where it would not be advantageous to place a heavy piece of furniture. As the floor is not occupied, the living room remains spacious. 


Easy cleaning: as the furniture is not placed on the floor, cleaning gets easier below it, there are no hard-to-reach areas that secretly collect dust over time.

Variable height: you are not limited by the height of the furniture as floating TV stands can be mounted as high or as low as you prefer, along with your TV.

How to mount a floating TV stand?

Our floating TV shelves can be mounted easily, using the included french cleat mounting system. French cleat is widely used for floating furniture thanks to its versatile advantages, such as:

  • You do not need to hold the large and heavy furniture in hand during mounting. Instead, you just need to mount a piece of wood (french cleat) to the wall and hang the TV stand onto it.

  • It is invisible, the mounting is hidden when the furniture is on the wall.

  • If the cleat is well mounted, it offers a strong and stable way of mounting. 


Using french cleat, our floating TV stands can be mounted in only two steps:

1. Install the french cleat on the wall (make sure to use appropriate wall plugs that fits your wall type).

2. Hang the TV stand on the french cleat. This is how it becomes a floating TV stand.

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