cookie policy

This is a translation of the original cookie policy that can be found here. In case of any discrepancy, the original Hungarian version shall prevail.

1. General information


We inform you that this website is operated by

sole proprietor Zámbóné Varga Katalin Erzsébet

(henceforth: Data controller).


Current website: the site available at


We hereby inform you that the current website (henceforth: site) uses cookies in order to serve you better, in particular, facilitate communication and interaction with the site, and in order to manage safety and data security risks.


Cookies are small files (information packages with varying alphanumeric content) stored on your device by the server of the website you visit.

Cookies are stored in the browser software of your computer, phone or tablet, and these cookies can be later accessed by the sending server.


Cookies can only be accessed by none other than the party that placed the cookie on your computer.

Cookies inform us about the browsing behavior of visitors on our site.

Cookies are used for a number of purposes; one  example is site traffic statistics, another is to facilitate naviagtion on the site by remembering pages that you visited.


Cookies contain no personal data which could be directly used to reach you by email, phone or regular mail.


By themselves, cookies cannot identify you as the user: they can only be used to identify the browsing device (computer, phone or tablet).


If you would prefer disable cookies on the site, you can use settings in your browsers so that the software will notify you when cookies are used or to completely block the use of cookies.

2. Approving cookies


We place cookies on your device (computer, phone or tablet) that you use for visiting our site. A popup window will warn you of cookies when you enter the main page of our site.


When we use cookies for another purpose than providing the full functionality and easy navigation on the site, we always ask you for approval in a popup window. 

In this case, you can always approve or disable the requested specific data collection.


Even if you initially enable our use of cookies, you can later -- at any time -- revoke this approval and disable cookies and delete them from your browser.

 We would like to point out that cookies are necessary for you to make use of the full functionality of the site, to enhance browsing experience on our site and to guarantee the seamless operation of all services available on our site.

3. Managing cookie settings


You can change cookie settings in the popup window or in your browser.

You may disable cookies by deciding whether to enable cookies and set your browser accordingly, disablig all cookies, or disable only certain types of cookies or all cookies.


These settings are typically available in the “Settings” or “Preferences” menu point of your browser.


Find out more about cookies settings via these links:

4. Types of cookies


Cookies come in different kinds: they can be temporary ccokies (session cookies) or saved ccokies (persistent cookies) and they may come from within the site (first party cookies or internal cookies) and from a third party (third party cookies or external cookies). 


Read the sections below to find out what these technical terms stand for and to understand what kind of cookies we use and why we use them.

5. Cookies used for the duration of your visit


Session cookies, used only for the duration of your visit, recognize you as a user and remember your navigation on the site, page by page.


These session cookies allow fast and easy navigation on our pages  without having to identify yourself on each and every page you visit -- or repeat processes (like filling in a form).


When you leave the site or close your browser, these session cookies will be automatically deleted from your device.



6. Persistent cookies


Persistent cookies are the ones that will “permanently” remain on your computer, that is after you left the site, as long as their validity expires (defined in days, weeks or months). They allow the site to recognize you as a returning user when you visit the site again, remembering your previous sessions, navigation and preferences on the site. For example, they can store user names or passwords used on the site. 


Persistent cookies will remain on your browsing device until their validity expires, but you are free to remove them before the end of this predefined validity period.



7. Cookies by the site operator


Cookies coming from the server of the website. This section is about cookies placed on your computer by the server that stores the site operated by us, the data controller. Those cookies were described in the previous section.


These cookies remember your IP address, the pages you visited and – depending on your approval – your username and password. 


This how we enable you to easily navigate on the site without having to go through the same loops from time to time while you are on the site, or if you return to the site and – depending on your approval – you will not have to repeatedly identify yourself or log in again.


For registered users of the site, we apply cookies in order to provide appropriate access: when registered users enter the site, they will automatically be granted access.


These cookies do not contain any other related information, either about the time of your arrival at the site, or your identity when entering the site. Theis sole purpose is to check whether you are authorized to enter the site.


These cookies are so-called session cookies, so they are only valid durig your visit. In other words, the cookie is activated when a visitor arrives at the site, and the cookie is terminated 15 minutes after the visitor left the site.


The only exception is the cookie that – depending on your approval – remembers username and password, which is stored on your device for a period of 365 days.



8. Third-party cookies


Most websites contain cookies that are not sent by the data controller operating the site, nor the server storing the site, but come from a third party.


At the current website the data controller does not apply third-party cookies that process personal data.



9. Logfile records


The server of the site operated by the data controller uses technical log entries. These log entries contain IP addresses, the type of browser used by the visitor, the internet service provider, a timestamp and date, the referring pages and the exit pages and the number of clicks during the visit.


 All these data are recorded so in case of a failure we can identify the circumstances and we can make browsing safer in the future.


It facilitates the operation and administration of the site. These data cannot be used to clarify personal identity.


The present document contains information on data processing information technology.

For further information concerning personal data processing, please read our Privacy Policy.