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3 shapes, 3 meanings
Set of 3 pcs. floating shelves made of solid walnut

Shape #1: "cut-off circle"
In life, nothing is complete, nothing is perfect. Accept life with its imperfections, celebrate the way things are instead of constantly pursuing perfection.

Shape #2: "arch"
Arch symbolizes strength and support – it is also a sacred motif with various religional meanings. This shape may help you realize that your life is your personal sanctuary: built of your unique view, beliefs and experiences.

Shape #3: "two sides"
There is no ultimate good and bad – the reality is always in the middle, somewhere between the two sides. It's your challenge to balance your life, avoid extremities and find your best ways.

Where to use these floating shelves? Mount them as a set of bedside shelves, kitchen storage, bathroom furniture or in any other room where you appreciate the diversity of arched shapes combined with practical, space-saver storage. Each piece is unique, as these shelves are made of solid wood (top-grade, hand-selected wood material).



  • made of high quality American walnut wood

  • slightly rounded edges

  • mounting with hidden metal floating shelf brackets (included)


1 pc. shape #1 / Cut-off circle: 22,8cm wide x 20cm deep x 2.5cm high
1 pc. shape #2 / Arch: 20cm wide x 20cm deep x 2.5cm high
1 pc. shape #3 / Two sides: 40cm wide x 20cm deep x 2.5cm high
+ 2 metal mounting brackets for each shelf.




The mounting brackets we include in the package are suitable for brick and concrete walls, and double-layered drywalls, however, if you have regular drywall, please contact us before placing your order, so we can offer a solution.




  • high protection packaging

  • dispatch within 4 weeks

  • more information about delivery: here



  • Your order plants a tree! By selecting this product, you contribute to sustainability. After each order, we plant a tree via the MyForest community forests organization.



  • By ordering this item, you accept our Terms & Conditions.

  • As this is a made-to-order floating shelf, the wood color and wood grain may be different than the photo in the advertisement. Please read our wood guide for more information.


3 shapes, 3 meanings: set of 3 floating shelves (WALNUT)

  • made-to-order floating shelves


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