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How to choose nightstand when ordering from mybettershelf – wood colors, patterns

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

nightstand wood color guide

Wood is like us, people, with many different characters. From beautiful grains to homogenous stripes, species with various shades and hardness offer us a great variety of choice when making furniture and designing interior spaces.

In this article, we would like to give some help when ordering such floating nightstands which include solid wood - at least on the drawer fronts. As most of our items are made-to-order, the products are unique and there are no two identical shelves. Here are a few facts we suggest considering when selecting the wood type.

Nightstand color

In our range of wood types you have the choice of selecting quite light, medium and even really dark colors. Current list is: ash, cherry, maple, oak and walnut (2 types: European walnut and American walnut). Of course, we are happy to do custom orders with other types, too, such as beech, pine, etc.

This image below shows the mentioned types in row by color shade:

floating nightstand wood oak walnut cherry ash maple

However, the shade and color can vary not just between different species but the same wood type may also appear in a range of different color shades. Sometimes, even in a large range. This image shows the walnut which is one of the most versatile types - it may appear in quite light shade but can even occur in dark brown, almost black tone (American walnut is also called as black walnut). It is always exciting to cut a large log to slabs, to see how it looks inside.

floating bedside table walnut colors

Wood color may change over time, too, if the furniture is frequently exposed to sunlight. Colors turn to a deeper and more yellowish shade.

Nightstand wood texture

Another important difference is the texture of wood. The pattern may depend on a lot of factors; which wood type we talk about, which part of the tree it comes from, how the wood is cut - and based on these information you can still not predict what texture that specific wood slab will have. From homogenous pattern through lightly striped texture to beautiful grains the choice is basically endless. This image shows how one specific wood type can provide a range of textures:

floating drawer oak colors

Knots are also a popular topic between wood enthusiasts as some of us love them, others do not prefer these natural add-ons. However, you can control this when ordering from us - just let us know if you prefer not having them and we will follow your request when making your bedside tables.

Tips for ordering made-to-order nightstands

If there is no special instruction attached to your order, our intention is always to select the best available wood material for your shelves. Usually, we rather choose a nice grain than a homogenous one. You can also let us know which wood shade you prefer, or send us some photos for reference - and we will do our best to select the closest choice!

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