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How to pair nightstands with bed

Are you in the middle of a bedroom reno project? Or just want to make your interior look more harmonious? Well, you can easily find photos of stunning interiors - but to know the exact reason why that specific interior looks so nice, is not always easy to figure out. In this article, we pursue the topic of matching: how separate pieces can create a harmonious look together.

how to pair nightstands with bed

How to match nightstand to bed

The good news is that you have many options to pair your nightstand with your bed.

Tip: your nightstand and your bed should have at least one thing in common: the color, the material, the design or something else.

Let’s see these ways of matching one-by-one, with examples that instantly give you an idea how they work.

Wood match

If you love wooden furniture, you probably have wooden nightstands and a wooden bedframe - or headboard. In this case, a good way of match is having the bed and nightstands made of the same wood species or if not, stained to the same color.

Color match

Color match is perhaps the easiest way to pair a nightstand with bed - simply, their color should be the same. Here is a white and a black example, but of course, you can be braver than that if you want to experiment with colors.

Harmonized color palettes

Staying with colors, color palettes offer a more complex way of matching. In this case, you have a pre-defined palette and you need to make sure that the elements of the bedroom (including: wall, floor, bed, nightstands, lamps, decor, etc.) fit into that specific palette. Having a limited number of colors (three or four colors maximum) will give you a limitation that is actually helpful - as it does not allow you to include something that does not fit well.

If you want to stay on the minimalist side, go with a monochromatic palette - for example, a grey palette or brown palette. In this case, the colors are more or less the same, however their shade can be entirely different. Think of a beige wall with a dark brown nightstand, and maybe with a medium-tone headboard.

Height match

Height also takes an important role in the ergonomic function of your bedroom. As we wrote in a recent article (): as a general rule of thumb, the top of your nightstand and the top of your mattress should have the same height, or optionally, your nightstand can be a bit taller (like 2-4” taller). Besides design and style, height can also be an important matching factor.

Style match

Perhaps the most important way of matching is the style match - when the style of your bed and nightstand is the same. For example, a classic nightstand goes well with a classic bed - or a japandi nightstand goes well with a japandi bed. Below you can find some examples of popular styles, with matching nightstands and bed.

Minimalist bed with minimalist nightstand

Read this article if you need more minimalist bedroom ideas.

Scandinavian bed with Scandinavian nightstand

Bohemian bed with bohemian nightstand

Contemporary bed with contemporary nightstand

Are you interested in interior design styles? Learn more about the basics.

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