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Minimalist bedroom ideas that will make you obsessed

Updated: Mar 26

Attention: this article includes minimalist bedroom ideas that you will crave for after seeing them. Browse them at your own risk! You will find inspiration for the latest trends and you will also learn that having a minimal interior is not only about decluttering - there are many techniques and exciting ideas for creating a minimalist interior. These ideas of minimal bedrooms definitely won’t leave you uninspired.

minimalist bedroom ideas

What's a minimalist interior like?

Minimalist interior design is about stripping things down to their basic forms:

  • simplifying design, usage of basic shapes

  • reducing (and eliminating) ornaments

  • emphasizing large surfaces, focusing on the material

In a minimalist interior, you can see simple lines and shapes, usually large windows and spaces, and minimal furniture - with minimal amount of decoration. The color palette features white / black or other monochromatic shades, with some natural colors. Minimal style often features various materials such as metal, chrome, glass, marble as well.

Large weighted blankets are also a popular addition to minimalist spaces, providing both comfort and a subtle touch of texture. These blankets can help to soften the clean lines of the space and create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and unwinding.

The softer the better

Soft minimalism is one of the most popular subtypes of minimalism. This style features soft materials, pale colors, curved objects and a comfortable, cozy atmosphere.

Block-shape nightstands to calm the eye

It is not only minimal, but also organic, usually made of solid wood, and a great idea for minimalist interiors.

Japandi for the trend enthusiasts

Minimalism and japandi style are good friends and can be easily mixed because both styles emphasize simplicity. Japandi bedrooms feature a great combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles.

Built-in beauties

Built-in storage is a great way of space saving and reducing clutter in your environment, which is one of the essential aims of minimalism.

The joy of curves

There is no contemporary home without curves! In the last few years, curved furniture got really popular. Most of them fit perfectly in minimalist interiors.

Contrast to emphasize simplicity

Minimalism is not only about white and pale monochromatic color schemes - sometimes a smart contrast can emphasize the minimal look.

Organic decor for a touch of nature

Minimalist interiors do not have to be artificial - blending some organic items or decor to it will create a natural and cozy atmosphere.

Minimal bedrooms are not only about beds

Depending on the size of your bedroom, the space can be much more than just a bed with nightstands. Explore the possibilities of having a dressing table, built-in wardrobe, or a home office corner, for example.

Can we help you achieve a minimal bedroom?

Are you looking for minimalist bedroom furniture? Our floating nightstands, dressing tables or custom-made home office desks can be a great solution to achieve a minimal look, even if you do not have a huge space. Let us know if you have any questions or if you look for a custom-built piece that fits right in your bedroom.

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