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Nightstand styles: from japandi to mid-century

There are so many nightstands you can choose from - almost too many, right? However, if you know their styles and know the style of your interior, the decision gets much easier. In this article, we take a look at the most popular nightstand styles that we can get today.

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nightstand styles

Tips for selecting the right nightstand style

Important: there is no “better” style - all styles have their role and place. Select such style that matches your interior - if you have a classic home, select a classic nightstand, if you have a minimal home, select a minimal nightstand. With such criteria, you cannot go wrong, but of course, there are some trickier combinations where you mix two different styles, still creating a harmonious interior.

8 popular nightstand styles

Let’s see the wight most popular nightstand styles - describing them just briefly (let the pictures speak for themselves!).

Scandinavian nightstand

Scandinavian nightstands are usually made of wood, or have white or black color and come mostly with a practical and simple design. This style is like halfway between minimal and classic, adding sometimes cozy, sometimes space-saver - these are the most important attributes of scandinavian-style nightstands.

Farmhouse nightstand

Nightstands made in farmhouse style usually have light color, rustic wood surfaces, washed painting, X-motif and optionally farmhouse-style handles.

Mid-century nightstand

Mid-century, or mid-century modern originating in the US between 1940 and 1970, with very typical style and pieces of furniture. Nightstands made in, or inspired by this era usually have medium wood tones, thin legs, they are simple and functional, usually have one or two drawers and sometimes metallic hardware like bronze, copper or gold. To learn more about them, read our separate piece about mid-century nightstands: The anatomy of a mid-century nightstand

Japandi nightstand

Japandi is a mixed style, evolved from Scandinavian and Japanese styles. Japandi nightstands are usually made of wood or other organic material (for example stone). Rattan, fluted surfaces are quite trending and often related to japandi interior design. Japandi nightstands are sometimes lower in height than traditional nightstands - and in case of platform beds, thed bedframe and bedside shelf/storage may be fully integrated to add a unified structure to the space.

Minimalist nightstand

A minimalist nightstand is minimal, we could say, or in other words, such nightstands lack ornaments or “unnecessary” design elements. Besides wood, you can find various modern materials as well on minimalist nightstands, from plastic to concrete. Large flat surfaces, nice curves, sophisticated designs give the essence of minimalist nightstands.

Classic nightstand

Classic nightstands have delicate ornaments and details, and are usually made of wood with classic finish (for example lacquered, or french polishing using shellac). You can get more familiar with the classic style by searching for “antique nightstands” as well. There are many modern versions of classic nightstands as well that you can easily insert into contemporary interiors, too.

Organic modern nightstand

As its name shows, organic modern nightstands are made of organic materials (wood, stone, various recycled materials) and have a modern design that easily fits into contemporary interiors. Live edge wood, raw stone surfaces, such as travertine often appears on organic modern nightstands.

Neotenic nightstand

Neotenic style is one of the most exciting recent interior design styles - bringing back our childish joy. Curved shapes, playful and asymmetric designs, soft and round surfaces… just like in a kindergarten. In contemporary homes, we can usually find at least one or two neotenic furniture, usually chairs and tables - and of course, nightstands. Here are some typical examples:

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