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Mismatched nightstands: does it make sense?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

When browsing pinterest – or surfing in interior design discussion groups, you may have come across mismatched nightstands. How do you like this style? Is it just an interior design flaw or well-thought solution for something you have not considered yet? In this article, we’ll try to prove the reason for the existence of mismatched nightstands, and we won’t leave you without some amazing examples… that may even make you consider having mismatched nightstands!

mismatched nightstands

What does “mismatched nightstands” mean?

If there is a double bed and it has a different nightstand on each side, this setting is called mismatched nightstands. The difference can appear in several things: height, design, color, etc. – from little differences to completely different pieces of furniture. Let’s see first what could be the reasons for such a special arrangement.

3 cases when mismatched nightstands is a solution

There are several situations when mismatched nightstands do make sense: at least three, let’s see these one-by-one:

If you have entirely different storage needs

Sometimes the two people who sleep on the same bed can have really different requirements on their bedsides. While some of us just need a small shelf for our mobile phones, others keep plenty of items in their nightstands. Sometimes the function is also different: while you have a nightstand on one side, you can have a dressing table on the other side, if needed.

If you have one of the nightstands from earlier

When couples move in together, they often bring their favorite pieces of furniture with them. It’s completely understandable that they would not want to say goodbye to these beloved pieces, so the couple needs to create a space where both can work. Of course, there are cases when it would completely break the interior design goals and they need to make a compromise.

If you love asymmetry and rewriting rules

Who said that you need matching nightstands on your bedsides? For some of us, it’s not the beauty of symmetry but rather the case of monotony. Sometimes, beauty lies in imperfection and asymmetry. You can achieve it with mismatched nightstands, but even the mismatch has to follow some rules – listed below.

bed with mismatched nightstands

How to design interiors with mismatched nightstands

Interior design experts recommend that if you have mismatched nightstands, the left and right piece should still match in a way. There should be at least one thing in common. For example:


It’s a good idea to have the nightstands made of the same wood, or painted to the same color. Many times, home designers re-paint their old furniture to the same color.

mismatched nightstands same color


The two nightstands should fit well in your interior therefore their style should be similar. Or, for the bravest: they can be two totally different pieces in a fully eclectic interior.

mismatched nightstands similar style

Height and size

Same style, same design, only the height and size is different.

mismatched nightstands same design

Lamps and decor

If the nightstands are completeéy different, you can still match some of the accessories – like the bedside lamps, or drawer knobs, etc.

mismatched nightstands with similar lamps

Mismatched nightstands to give you inspiration

Enough of words, let’s see some further great examples of how our fellow home designers solved the case of mismatched nightstands – and proved that this concept should definitely have its own page in the big book of interior design.

You can also find some further inspiration in Redfin's article: How to style mismatched bedroom furniture

Find the sources of the images and many more mismatched nightstand ideas on our Pinterest board: mismatched nightstands

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