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What do you put in a nightstand?

Recently, we have come across some interior design forums where people asked: do you need a nightstand? Well, being a designer of floating nightstands, of course we have no doubt about the answer – but don’t forget the main functions of nightstands: storage. If we list those items we usually put in our nightstands, we can hardly imagine our life without them. In this article, we collected those items people regularly put in their nightstands.

Items you put in your nightstand – tells a lot about you!

Usually, our nightstands hold the following essential personal items:

  • Books (and other reading material)

  • Bullet journal, diary

  • Souvenirs, family photos

  • Phone, tablet, laptop

  • Earphones

  • Chargers

  • Glasses

  • Jewellery, watches

  • Cosmetics

  • Medication

  • Adult stuff

Books and other reading materials

Most of us love reading in bed before sleeping – or on a slow Saturday morning before getting up. Our current reading material, whether it’s an exciting novel or our favorite lifestyle magazine should always be in arm’s reach. That’s why we place our nightstands just right at our bedside.

nightstand with books

Bullet journal and diary

Bullet journals and planners – in spite of our digital age – have their heyday again. We love to think, scrib down our thoughts and plan or next days, months – even years! A bullet journal or diary is really a personal item that should be kept in a personal piece of furniture – in a nightstand.

nightstand and bullet journal

Reading lamp

Where we read and write, there must be a reading lamp. It's always an exciting interior design challenge to match the lamp, nightstand and bedframe in irder to achieve the desired look.

nightstand with lamp

Souvenirs, family photos

Our nightstand is basically the most personal piece of furniture we own, it's close to where we rest, where we sleep, therefore it is an ideal place to put our family photos or our knick-knacks, souvenirs that are related to nice travels and memories.

nightstand with souvenirs

Phone, tablet, laptop

Most of us go to sleep just after putting down our phones, browsing our emails or surfing on social network. And when we’re too tired to get up, we just place our gadgets on our bedside table.


Whether you’re checking what’s new on Spotify or listening to your favorite podcast, it’s the best if you have your earphones or headphones always in reach when sitting or lying on the bed. A nightstand drawer is an ideal place for that as well.

small floating bedside shelf with earphones


Where there’s electronics, there have to be cables and chargers as well. Charging your mobile phone while you’re sleeping is a good way to start the next day with full power, and while our phones are also our alarm clocks, the closer we have it, the more convenient our life gets.


For some of us it’s the last thing we take off before sleeping and the first one we get on in the morning. It’s truly an essential item that has to be close to us.

Jewellery or watches

If you do not have a dressing table, your nighstand can also play this role: hide your jewellery, makeup and your accessories inside its drawer and have a little mirror as well to get instant feedback about your looks.

nightstand drawer with jewellery


In some bedrooms there is no place for having a dressing table – sometimes even a floating dressing table - but nightstands can serve as makeup tables, too. You can store your night cream, tissues as well in its drawer.

nightstand cosmetics storage


Whether it’s some pills you need to take before going to sleep or maybe a sleeping device, it has to be next to you. A larger nightstand can offer enough storage space for such device, and you can have a glass of water as well on the top of your bedside table.

Adult stuff

You won’t usually find it mentioned in nightstands’ descriptions, but many of us use bedside tables for storing some things used in our intimate lives. We are all different with different lifestyle and desires - but these topics won’t fit in such an article, so we leave the rest for your imagination.


So when thinking about whether we need a nightstand or not, we just need to consider all these items and essentials that have to be stored somewhere - not mentioning the great interior design possibilities of nightstands. Is there anything you might want to add?

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