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Custom-made bedside tables going to Minnesota

Most of us select our bedroom furniture rather quickly – usually after the house is built (which takes much longer than we expected, right?), or when our apartment renovation is completed – but these are the moments when we are already too tired to make lengthy decisions. But there is another way, too. Taking our time. Visioning our dreams, measuring our space, working on a harmonic interior design. It really makes a difference.

Calie, our nice customer from Minnesota definitely shares this view – and decided having premium customized floating bedside tables. A choice with benefits even for a lifetime. This project was truly exciting for both of us – and was completely worth it. Let’s dive into the details!

Why custom-made bedside tables?

The main reason for having the bespoke bedroom furniture was the special bedside environment. Each side of the bed did not have much wall space, making it not easy to find anything readily available for purchase. A fireplace and built-in bench left roughly 16" of wall to work with and Calie wanted to maximize the function of a nightstand. In addition, her husband needed a shelf for a sleeping device on his side and both needed room for hidden storage.

What makes the case even more special, is the wall area where the bedside tables should be mounted. There were electrical sockets and a low-mounted light switch – our customer wanted to hide them, but of course keeping the possibility of using them (even daily).

Also, Calie imagined the bedside table of her dreams with a special, leather drawer pull, so we needed to take that into consideration when designing the drawer. As we knew the exact measurements in advance, we were able to perfectly cut out the required area where the drawer pull can be assembled precisely.

The final bedside table design

After we learned the size of the electrical plate, we estimated how much distance should be between it and the nightstand to access it conveniently.

The result was a custom-made walnut nightstand that has an empty space behind it, hidden, and an openable top door that provides access to this empty area. This door also has a cutout on it which makes it possible to charge phones or have cables plugged in even when this top door is closed. This proved to be a practical, yet elegant solution.

The steps of making custom bedside tables

This project was a special one, because Calie works as an interior designer (her design blog outside of work can be located here:, so the request was a well-detailed one already in the beginning, also with 3d drawing included – showing the approximate measurements and the desired shape, plus the extra requests we mentioned earlier.

After that, we started to talk about materials, construction and ways of solving those challenges. The exciting conversation resulted in a final design that was approved by our customer. Once we got the approval, we could the start the building process. During the construction, we provided status update photos so we could make sure everything is going the right way, and our customer could also peek in how her nightstands of dreams are being made.

When the furniture is ready, we use high protection packaging, so such nightstands can ship everywhere in the world in safety: this time, from Budapest, Hungary to Minnesota, USA.

Calie was incredibly impressed when the product were received as the precision of the mitered corners, the detail and materials used were all stunning. She could really tell that we are craftsman as every detail was accounted for.

Why mybettershelf?

We at mybettershelf have the proper expertise in making custom-made bedroom furniture – with hundreds of such projects behind us.

First of all, we listen to our customers and acknowledge how important this project is. This makes the most significant difference, as this is the attitude that defines all our work during the project: the moments when we select the wood pieces, as we precisely do the joinery or when we put the final finishing touch on them.

Secondly, we do not charge any designing fee if a project, for any reason, is not carried out eventually. Moreover, you can be part of the designing process, which is truly an exciting flow – sometimes with a few e-mails only, other times a thorough discussion lasting some days or even a week. Now, in the days of internet, many photos, sketches can be shared easily to make sure we understand each other well and approach a mutually approved design plan.


If you have always dreamt about your unique bedside tables – or have limited space that needs special size furniture, feel free to contact us. We are happy to offer our custom-made bedroom furniture services. Find more details at

The products included in this custom bedside table project

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