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10 dressing table ideas for a contemporary bedroom

Just like a nightstand, a dressing table is also an elementary piece of bedroom furniture - and you can select from many, almost too many styles. In this article, we provide the main guidelines for selecting the right dressing table and show ten dressing table ideas that may inspire you when working on your interior.

3 basic guidelines for selecting the right dressing table

The choice of designs is almost endless, so it makes sense to follow some general rules to avoid getting lost in so many options. Here are three requirements that we recommend to keep in mind when browsing for dressing table ideas:

  1. Design: make sure to look for such a dressing table that matches with the rest of your bedroom - either in color, material, style. The better match you can achieve, the higher level of harmony you can bring into your interior.

  2. Ergonomy / storage: make sure that the furniture is convenient to use, has plenty of storage, ie. it fulfils the main function. Keep in mind: an exclusive design with a low level of ergonomy is still a bad design!

  3. Light: look for a dressing table that you can place in a well-lit environment, if possible. It is advantageous to place it in front of or beside a window, so you can do your makeup and try on your jewelry in a natural light, which is always better than artificial light. If natural light is not possible, make sure that your lamplight is convenient for your everyday usage.

1. Create a multifunctional storage wall with a dressing table

You do not necessarily need a separate table as a dressing table, sometimes the best solution is integrating it into the wall storage system.

2. Elevate your bedroom with a floating dressing table

A floating dressing table, apart from its trendy and cool look, can save space in a small room efficiently, while it still provides storage for your essential makeup, jewelry and accessories.

3. Utilize the space in an empty alcove

An alcove or an underused nook can be a perfect space for a built-in dressing table. Besides the practical use of space, it also adds to the look of your interior.

4. Blend mid-century design into your bedroom

If you like mid-century modern furniture, or your interior is compatible with the style, you can feature the style with your dressing table, too - giving a cozy and classic touch to your bedroom.

5. Get inspired by the japandi style

Japandi style is really trending now and has many followers - if you like the look, you have several options to create a japandi interior.

6. Add structure with a built-in dressing table

A built-in dressing table makes the room more elegant, like it was designed by a professional interior designer. In that case, most likely you will need a custom-made dressing table.

7. Combine your nightstand and dressing table

If you have a small space on your bedside and there is not enough room for a nightstand and a dressing table, you can simply place your dressing table next to your bed, so it will function as a nightstand, too.

8. Simplify your interior with a minimalist dressing table

Instead of overcrowding your room, look for ways to declutter your interior. Minimalist furniture may help you achieve the clean and tidy look you are craving for.

9. Emphasize your dressing corner with a huge mirror

A large mirror isn’t just able to expand the space, but can be a significant element of your interior that draws the eye and gives a brave character to the interior.

10. Go for an organic / biophilic look

Having plants and various natural and organic pieces of furniture / decor in our interior is getting more and more popular. Freeform designs, organic materials, recycled and sustainable manufacturing offers several ideas that you may use for your dressing table.

Make your dressing table idea a reality

We at mybettershelf have always offered the possibility of building custom-made dressing tables. We specialize in minimalist floating dressing tables and can make them in hundreds of variations, let it be the size, material or color you’d wish to customize. Tell us your idea and we’ll be happy to provide a quote for your project!

The photos in this article are from Pinterest - you can find the original sources on this Pinterest board, with many more inspirations.

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