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Introducing the new

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In the last few months, we have been working hard to create our new virtual home - so you can easily organize your real home by browsing through our models and ideas.

This new site of floating nightstands will let you check all our models, learn about the advantages of the type of wall mounted drawers and shelves while it offers endless customization options, too.

Let’s see one-by-one how the new builds up:

  • SHOP – our online shop for bedroom furniture that will open on 2019.01.01

  • FLOATING NIGHTSTANDS – when you are considering which bedside table to choose, this page will offer help to learn more about the floating version and its advantages.

  • CUSTOMIZE! – read all the customization options and some success stories here.

  • BLOG – photos from our happy shelf owners and nightstand-related articles

  • FAQ – frequently asked questions about mounting, materials, shipping, etc.

  • CONTACT US – whether you have custom request or just any question regarding our products, here we provide a contact form and also our social media contacts.

Feel free to let us know your opinion – this new site was an important milestone in the preparation process of our webshop that will open on 2019.01.01. Stay tuned!

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