what makes a nightstand floating?

Its invisible mounting. Instead of the usual shelf brackets, we use the 'french cleat' solution which a simple but strong mounting method. Learn more on our FAQ page.

✓ They are super space savers: such shelves are remarkably smaller than regular ones and they do not take up floor space. You will have extra space in your bedroom and there will be no hard-to-clean areas, like in case of the regular pieces. 

✓ They are cost-efficient: since floating nightstands are smaller, it takes less time and material to make them, therefore these are always cheaper than regular furniture of the same quality. Shipping is more wallet-friendly, too. 

✓ They offer a trendy and contemporary look for your room, while you can still decide having something more traditional, by customizing the design, color, wood type, etc. They are neat, can be easily matched with classic and modern interiors as well.


floating nightstands take less space from your room & make the floor easier to clean

they require less making time and materials than regular nightstands and shipping is cheaper too

upgrade your interior with a modern look while keeping the classic beauty of wood surfaces


floating nightstand with live edge walnut drawer

semi-gloss painted finish

live edge wood

invisible french cleat mounting

oiled plywood drawer box

45° cut connection

bottom cutout

for drawer opening

almost 15% of floor space freed up

Click to the link for a free guide including a customer case study and a bedroom calculator that you can use for your own home.

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floating nightstand with maple drawer

Sometimes imperfection creates the most beautiful look. This is solid maple with darker patches.

Beautiful grain of American walnut, sanded & oiled smooth.

floating nightstand with walnut drawer
solid oak floating bedside tables

Matching grain of this pair of rustic nightstands.

Solid ash reflecting some light

coming from a bedroom window.

floating drawer with ash drawer
walnut drawer

Our classic wooden peg used as a drawer knob.

It is worth caring about even the smallest details to achieve flawless outcome.

floating drawer oak