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Why are nightstands so expensive - a manufacturer’s answer

Why are nightstands so expensive? - we often read this question on interior design forums. Well, it is hard to answer it without seeing the actual product the questioner is referring to, but we can summarize some of the main factors that take effect on prices. Also, we’ll provide some background information about our furniture and its price range, so you can have a better overview of what you actually get for your money when shopping at us.

Nightstand price - 3 key factors

There are several factors that take effect on the price: below you can read three aspects we find important when evaluating the prices of nightstands.


If the nightstand is made of high-quality or premium (maybe rare) materials, its price will be much higher than those made of regular / cheaper materials. Think of the general price difference of veneered vs. solid wood furniture, plastic vs. stone / marble furniture, and so on.


If the given nightstand is designed by a well-known or critically-acclaimed designer, it will move in an entirely different price range than other (regular) products. This also defines the channels where you can obtain such pieces.

Handmade or mass-produced

Mass-produced articles such as furniture models sold by IKEA will always be cheaper than products of smaller companies or furniture workshops that create handcrafted items.

So to answer the question why are nightstands so expensive, we may guess that the given nightstand was made of premium materials, was handcrafted or was a product by well-known designer - or maybe it is sold by a luxury furniture brand that has its main focus only on quality and exclusivity, not on cost-effectiveness.

How to evaluate furniture price

When evaluating a piece of furniture and you are wondering whether it is a good decision to buy it or not, whether it is worth its price or not, always be aware that the price is relative:

  • Sometimes, the price of a selected furniture may be higher than similar products on the market, but if it is well reasoned (ie. you really get value for your money), it will still be a good choice.

  • There is no high price, neither low price. When evaluating a piece of furniture, always consider the quality and its features factors listed above, to see what you exactly get for your money.

  • A price, as just a number, tells us nothing. Always think about the price/value ratio, so you can see whether the value proposition meets your requirements.

About the price of mybettershelf nightstands

We at mybettershelf are specialized in making floating furniture - our key product category includes floating nightstands. In the next few points we list 5 main attributes of our products that define their prices.

floating nightstand with drawer

Top-grade solid wood materials

In case of wooden models, we use hand-selected, top-grade solid wood materials: oak, walnut, maple, etc. Solid wood materials represent a whole nother price level than laminated fiberboards or veneered materials. However, they offer a look that cannot be compared, and also, solid wood furniture can be easily refinished if needed.

solid wood furniture

Professional painting

Painted models are painted in a specialized painter workshop. Unlike hand painting, this procedure is performed by a high-tech system, using a high-pressure spray system in dust-free cabins to ensure the finest surface quality.

furniture painting

Handcrafted design

When working with solid wood, we carefully pick the pieces and join them by hand, to create a harmonious texture. The sanding and finishing is also done by hand, with the highest care.

handcrafted nightstand

Small-series manufacturing

Our workshop is not a place for conveyor belts and automated assembly - a mybettershelf product is handmade and will always be. Each piece gets the same care and attention.

nightstand drawer

Free worldwide shipping

Mybettershelf furniture is shipped worldwide with free shipping - therefore, you can consider the prices as total prices: the furniture including the packaging and delivery as well. You can read more information about delivery on this page.

entryway shelf

We hope you find the overview useful - and it lets you easily evaluate prices of furniture you are planning to buy. If you have any questions regarding our furniture, we are always glad to answer.

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