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Simple bathroom design: 6 ideas for your reno project

Are you planning to start a bathroom renovation project? Looking for simple bathroom ideas, to achieve a minimalist yet cozy look? You are at the right place - we designed a simple bathroom to inspire you and also brought some ideas from interior designers who managed to get the most out of contemporary bathroom design, without any unnecessary complexity.

simple bathroom design

What’s a simple bathroom design like?

As its name suggests, simple bathroom designs lack overcomplicated and unnecessary details. It focuses on function and minimalist aesthetics, while it adds contemporary and trending elements, such as finger tiles, terrazzo, organic decoration, just to mention a few examples (learn more below).

According to simple bathroom design, less is more, and matching details have much more importance than ornamentation or complexity.

We collected six design guidelines especially related to the sink area, to help your bathroom reno project.

1. Finger tiles for clean and elegant look

Vertical patterns have been trending in the last few years, just like slatted wooden panels or fluted furniture. In bathrooms, the vertical pattern is often achieved by using finger tiles, also referred to as kitkat tiles, thanks to its shape.

Finger tiles offer a classic and timeless look that can complement various design styles, from traditional to modern, making them a versatile option for bathroom decor. It is ideal for simple bathroom design if you want to avoid difficult tiles compositions or textures. Option B is that you go for large tile surfaces, for example with marble / stone look.

2. Oval or asymmetrical mirror for a contemporary appearance

If you want to go for a simple and contemporary look, make sure to use round or oval mirrors, or optionally an asymmetric mirror. Asymmetrical shapes have been trending recently, and they can add some fresh excitement to the classic rectangular details.

3. Floating bathroom vanity for space-saving

A floating bathroom vanity is an ideal choice for small and simple bathrooms. Firstly, it maximizes floor space, making the room appear more spacious. This design creates an open and airy atmosphere, which is crucial in smaller areas, providing easy access to clean the floor underneath as well.

Having a simple bathroom design should not hold you back from using special or high quality materials. You can have a vanity made of solid wood: it offers both durability and aesthetics - it's a strong and long-lasting material, ensuring your vanity stands the test of time. Its natural beauty and texture bring warmth and elegance to your simple bathroom design.

4. Metallic material match for a uniform look

In a simple bathroom design, you do not need too many elements - but make sure that these elements go well together. If you have metallic details, try to keep the look of one material, like bronze, golden, maybe black. When materials or colors match well, your bathroom gets a uniform look that creates harmony which contributes to a more relaxing daily routine.

5. Organic decoration for a natural touch

A simple or minimalist design should not exclude natural details - on the contrary! These natural elements will really put the icing on the cake. Select the organic details according to your personal liking and also according to your interior style. You can also go for real plants, there are plenty of options for such species that like wet environments and will thrive comfortably in your bathroom.

6. Simple and minimalist lighting

The last step to design your sink area is the lighting. When working on a simple bathroom design, make sure to select a simple and minimalist type of lighting. If it is made of metal, try to match it with other metallic surfaces. Put it above or next to your mirror so it will provide appropriate light when doing makeup, shaving, etc.

Simple bathroom design ideas

Here are three bathroom interiors designed Peter Loydl, interior designer from Hungary.

bathroom with pastel colors

Enter this beautiful bathroom and get greeted by its calming aesthetics: a minimal and elegant mirror and lighting fixtures, nature-inspired tiles that resemble the color of water, and our floating bathroom vanity made of white oak, with plenty of storage.

simple bathroom ideas

What about a nice shower in this bathroom? The minimalist tiles and the grey terrazzo floor set a nice and uncomplicated base for the interior, while the solid oak wood on our floating bathroom vanity brings nature inside and the black metal (faucet, hardware) gives a cool contrast to the room.

pink bathroom vanity

This girls' bathroom includes a pink floating bathroom vanity with plenty of storage, floor-to-ceiling waterproof wallpaper with a floral motif, round mirrors, organic decoration and golden metallic accents.

Custom-made bathroom vanities

Interested in having a similar design as the above examples? Select our custom vanity making service. We’ll help to make your dreams a reality.

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