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Paint shades of brown: ideas from beige to taupe

Besides green, brown color is one the most trending colors today - Pairing different shades and tones of brown it is easy to create a very natural, earthy look that has a pleasant and calming effect both for the eye and soul.

paint shades of brown

In a recent article, Vogue wrote: “the color brown is taking over interiors”. In spite of this big statement, it does not seem an exaggeration as it is really a trending color at the moment. In this article, we’ll give you some inspiration and show exciting examples of the different shades of brown - taking you to the world of chocolate, chestnut, cafe au lait and more…

Brown bedrooms

If you like natural tones, it may make sense to design a brown-inspired bedroom. It can be soft and light or even entirely dark, depending on your preferences. Find some of our favorite brown bedrooms below:

Brown kitchens

The idea of a brown kitchen may sound strange for the first time, but there are some exciting examples on pinterest and on the internet that may convince you. Various paint shades of brown on kitchen cabinets can create a bold and natural look, with a special elegance that works well in dark interiors.

Brown interiors

Mostly due to the trending natural / japanese styles, there are many examples for brown interiors. The paint shades of brown can appear on walls, floor and various furniture or decor objects. Mixing different shades of browns will create a natural look that may contribute to a relaxed and warm atmosphere, without any artificial elements.

Brown as classic wood tones

Furniture lovers! Brown interiors can be achieved even without using paint shades of brown - by having different pieces of brown furniture. Classic wood species provide several colors and shades we can use to achieve neutral interiors. Here are some inspiring examples:

Oak and white oak work really well in japandi interiors, scandinavian interiors, for example:

Grey-stained wood work well in minimalist interiors where we want to ease the saturation a bit, creating a cleaner, colder look:

Walnut offers a more sincere, elegant look - it is a timeless color and work with various styles.

Teak is the most popular type of wood in mid-century modern interiors.

Find out more about the brown color trend in this article - and subscribe to our newsletter for new interior design-related contents.

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