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Live edge furniture ideas

Live edge furniture does not seem to lose its popularity amongst woodworkers and interior designers – and us, homeowners. It’s not surprising, because live edge furniture is always unique: there are no two identical pieces, as nature never repeats itself. Maybe this is what makes it so exciting.

The options for live edge furniture are basically endless, but of course, you should use it in a moderate way to add some organic feeling to your interior. In this article, we give you some interior design ideas using beautiful live edge pieces – from dining tables to headboards.

What is live edge furniture?

Live edge (also referred to as natural edge or organic edge), is the original edge of the wood trunk. Usually, these parts are cut off to get straight boards for furniture making, but for live edge furniture, woodworkers keep it on purpose. The only thing they remove is the bark of the tree, because these parts naturally tend to come off as time passes by. However, under the bark there is a beautiful organic shape that is always unique and offers great enhancement to some pieces of furniture.

Interiors where live edge furniture work well

There is no strict rule about where to use live edge furniture. Too many live edge pieces won’t work in classical and minimal interiors, but may work well in rustic or farmhouse homes. Limited use of live edge furniture is almost a must-have for organic modern interiors.

5 popular live edge furniture ideas

Almost any kind of furniture could have a live edge feature – but here are five examples we like the most.

Live edge dining table

A beautifully crafted solid wood dining table can serve even for an entire lifetime: it can be refinished again and again, its legs can be changed if needed. It can be made in basically any size to fit in small and large interiors equally. American walnut, oak, maple are popular species for live edge dining tables.

Live edge floating shelves

Floating shelves are great space-savers where the floor would be too overcrowded with stuff - instead of that, you can always expand vertically. Live edge floating shelves can contribute to achieving rustic and organic modern interiors as well. Have a tiny live edge shelf or even a huge signature piece in your room – it’s your choice.

Live edge headboard

A large solid wood headboard with a long live edge can add a great natural emphasis to a bedroom. Optionally, you can match other furniture pieces (like nightstands) using the same wood tone to achieve a harmonic interior.

Live edge drawer

Any furniture that has a drawer – nightstands, dressers, tv consoles etc. – may work with a live edge feature as well. When using it in the right orientation, the live edge parts can give just enough space to replace regular drawer pulls - you can grab the drawer at the live edge part and pull it out.

minimalist live edge drawer

Live edge coffee table

Having an organic coffee table can be a statement piece of a living room. Sometimes the whole cross-section of the tree bark is cut, so we can see all the annual rings and the amazing wood texture inside of the tree trunk.

Where to get live edge furniture

Live edge furniture pieces are usually not mass-produced, these items are custom-made by woodworkers and smaller carpentries. We at mybettershelf also offer some live edge furniture models and we are happy to take custom orders as well.


Get more than a hundred inspirations for live edge furniture from our live edge furniture pinterest board and stay tuned for our next interior design topics.

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