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Interior design trends 2022: the ultimate list

What’s trending in 2022? We were listening to interior designers’ predictions - and we are ready to share these with you. Here are those interior design trends that are increasing with the highest speed today and may easily become the key patterns of 2022.

Note: these trends do not necessarily represent our taste and while some of the trends can already be seen, others are only a prediction. Use this list as a guide about what’s going on and what’s trending - and never forget: a home in harmony is better than forcing trends into your existing interior, creating interference.

interior design trends 2022

Curved and round furniture

In the past few years, we have seen how square lines have been replaced by round edges - and it seems, this trend has reached its full blossom by now: curved sofas, big round armchairs, and a variety of organic forms appear in contemporary interior design.


It’s a shape we know almost since the birth of architecture, and who would have thought that it will be a trend by 2022? However, it’s happening right in front of our eyes: both in architecture and in interior design, the shape of the arch has an elegant, soothing look, suggesting perfection. You can find arches on arch doors, arch mirrors, or also on built-in shelving.

Sculptural furniture & decor

In a contemporary interior, simple shapes are replaced by scultpural forms - each of these pieces is like a statement, an entity with a message. It’s interesting to see how scultpural furniture and scultpural (or organic) decoration are transitioning into home decor.


Forget strict and symmetrical forms in 2022. Today, it’s all about organic and asymmetrical forms - not only in objects but also in furniture arrangement. Everywhere we look, we see asymmetrical mirrors, asymmetrical sofas, rugs, lamps, ceramics and more.

Muted, organic wood tones

Interior design trends of 2022 avoid vivid colors. Instead, organic wood tones (as we will see in japandi style as well) are popular. And often these colors are muted, stained to grayish, whitish.

Nature-inspired colors: browns and greens

Contemporary homes are moving closer and closer to nature, and it’s not only about materials and textures - but the colors. Basically every nature-inspired color is trending, but especially the browns and greens. Sage green, for example, is an absolute star - even the paint brand BEnjamin Moore selected “October mist” for their color of the year, which is very similar to sage green. Also, Behr paint brand selected “Breezeway” which is a lighter, minty green. And it’s not a surprise that “Breakfast room green no.81.” is on Farrow & Ball’s top 5 color trends list. We could continue this list but let these interiors speak instead:

Picture frame molding

It’s not new, but it's trending again. Picture frame molding has a super power: it takes a space instantly elegant. It's a great feature for classic interiors but it can add some elegance to minimalist interiors as well.


Travertine is a material: in fact, it’s the second most popular stone in architectural design after marble - it gives a sophisticated and warm feeling. It’s a popular choice of interior designers in 2022.

Living walls

Forget boring white walls: these surfaces get exciting and organic textures using venetian plaster or limewash. These involve specific paints and technique to achieve a special texture.

Trending interior design styles in 2022

Besides specific trending features, we can also talk about complete styles that are really popular in 2022 - of course, these styles have already been with us for several years.

Zen interiors and japandi style

Japandi is growing, growing and who knows how much more it will become. It’s a mix of scandinavian and japanese styles, including zen and simplicity, natural features and materials, soft colors, natural light. It’s all about balance, harmony, feelings, relaxation through architecture and furniture. Calm and silent, distraction-free, almost meditative - this is how we feel japandi interiors by being there.

Organic modern

Organic modern interiors mix modern and minimalist furniture, decor and natural materials and shapes. Neutral colors, organic materials, such as solid wood, natural decoration (like tree branches, grass, ceramics, stones, asymmetrical forms - all these nicely arranged in a tidy and spacious atmosphere.

Soft minimalism

Also called warm minimalism, this is a sub-style of minimal - It’s less strict, more inviting and more comfortable than classic minimalist interiors. It focuses on the people who live in that space. Soft minimalist interiors usually replace sharp edges with soft and rounded forms. The softness comes not only from the shapes, but from the materials, textures and colors as well. Round sofas, soft upholstery, creamy and pastel colors are typical features of soft minimalist interiors.

Rustic nuevo

Rustic nuevo (or new rustic) is also an existing interior design style that some experts see coming back. This style includes some organic features, dark wood or midtone wood furniture, sometimes deeper and moodier velvets, rust, olive tones, linen wash color, etc. It's rustic but not too rustic, it's modern at the same time and sometimes it's mixed with the minimal stlye.

Ongoing trends in the 2010s and 2020s

Of course, you cannot really take a snapshot of 2022 without checking the bigger picture: what has happaned so far and what’s going on at the moment in the world of interior design. There are several concepts and trends that shape this and the last decade - most importantly:

Hygge and lagom

These popular words represent the Scandinavian recipe of happiness, including several aspects of our homes, but even more. Hygge and Lagom cannot be translated directly, as these terms do not have a literal equivalent in English.

Hygge is a Danish term focusing on being together and dining together - simple things but carried out with care and calmness, including various everyday rituals that are important to us and make us feel more comfortable and happier.

Lagom is a Swedish term focusing on balance. It says “not too much, not too little - just enough” - regarding our social life, work and homes.

Wabi sabi

Originated from the Japanese culture, wabi sabi embraces the beauty of imperfection - it is typically described as “flaw of beauty”. Wabi sabi show us that sometimes it means much more to realize the beauty of things even if those are not perfect - than constantly trying to achieve the ultimate perfection, which is basically impossible.


Just as we learned from lagom, seeking balance is a never ending story - and our wish to achieve a better balance is reflected on our home style, too. We are trying to find the balance between work and life, super tidy minimal and weekday chaos, classic and trendy interiors…


People turn towards eco-friendly materials, handmade pieces, organic and handmade pottery, solid wood furniture, recycled materials, or such products that are manufactured in a sustainable production.

Multi-purpose spaces

Our homes are now our workplaces as well, especially from the covid pandemic, and it greatly affected our interior design guidelines. Living rooms with home offices, bedrooms with a personal workspace - these are almost must-haves in a modern home.


Did you enjoy getting familiar with 2022’s interior design trends? Discover even more examples and find further inspirations at our pinterest board: Interior design trends 2022.

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