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Minimalist nightstand for a modern home

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

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Why the minimalist nightstand

A nice couple from Bruxelles contacted us to have a minimalist nightstand. They had an affordable bedside shelf in mind, that is not over-complicated, has a simple form but also offers some storage. In their home the floor is made of oak and they have various oak furniture therefore it was already decided that the new piece should be built of oak or include at least one part made of oak.

After discussing various options, sizes, they selected our minimalist nightstand with oak drawer front that perfectly matches their existing furniture. We offered couple of options for the wood, from darker to lighter, from expressed wood grain to homogenous texture so they had the chance to select the one that they like the most. This minimalist nightstand is actually a floating nightstand, having no visible mounting. Floating nightstands are great space-savers and cost-efficient bedroom furniture.

To have a closer look on the mentioned minimalist nightstand model, head to the product page:

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