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How to choose nightstand when ordering from mybettershelf – paint colors & finish

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

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After discussing different wood and size options earlier, now we are focusing on the paint colors and finish variations. First, let's see the color options that you can request when having custom orders made by us.

RAL colors

Did you know that you can select from more than 250 colors? Our floating nightstands are painted in special painter workshop, using various colors from the RAL color chart. RAL is a standardized coding system for differentiating colors. It means, that if you wish to have a light grey color for your bedside table, the best way is referring to it with its RAL code – this way, we can make sure that you get exactly what you imagined.

RAL charts can be found online, here is a link to check: Each color has a 4-digit identifier for easy classification.

Our favorite RAL colors are:

nightstand color, bedroom color, floating nightstand

RAL white

Sometimes we receive questions about the white shelves – what white are they exactly? Though there are several whites in the RAL system, our standard white color, which appears on most of our bedside tables, is 'pure white' = RAL9010. This is the same color as a regular white wall paint.

Having unpainted nightstands?

Yes, that is also possible if you wish to use your own color. We are ready to make furniture which is not painted but prepared for applying any paint, either with hand or by spray. In this case we can offer a discounted price, as we save the painting cost.

Paint finish options

As you select the color, you can also customize its shine. We offer three kinds of paint finish: matte, semi-gloss and high gloss:

  • matte: though it is a bit more shiny than the regular wall paints, it has the least amount of gloss.

  • semi-gloss: this is the default finish we delivery our shelves with – sometimes also referred to as 'satin'. It has a slight gloss, somewhat more glossy than a regular matter surface. Check the photos to get an impression.

  • high-gloss / glossy: optionally, you can request high-gloss surfaces as well. This requires special paint and polish which is almost like a mirror – but in a beautiful color that reflects your interior.

Here is a good example to demonstrate both finish options:

dark grey nightstand, geometric furniture, bedroom color, bedroom furniture color
Floating bedside table with drawer, semi-gloss finish on cabinet, high-gloss dark grey finish on the drawer front

Are you planning to have custom-made bedroom furniture? We at mybettershelf are open for discussing any custom needs, regarding floating nightstands and floating dressing tables. Contact us today:

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