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Colorful living room ideas from Europe

If you are bored with neutral interiors, take a look at these colorful living rooms: they are vibrant, and full of life. Depending on the colors used, you can achieve a relaxing and uplifting effect as well - the options are endless. In this article, we’ll show some beautiful living rooms from Europe that blend colors perfectly.

Colorful living room: a new trend?

When browsing Instagram and Pinterest, you can easily realize that there are more and more examples of colorful living rooms. Maybe people started to get bored with earth tones and grey and beige interiors? We cannot predict the future of interior trends, however, the colorful living room concept seems to be a trending style.

In fact, these interiors can often be categorized as modern Scandinavian, contemporary and also mid-century modern interiors. These rooms prove well that the mentioned styles can be efficiently combined, and there is no interference between them, if the pieces are selected in a smart way.

How to design a colorful living room

Designing a colorful living room is not only about adding various pieces of furniture and decor. Having too many colors can result in a way too eclectic atmosphere (which can still look cool, if that was your original intention, however, believe it or not, two well-selected colors (atop of neutral tones) can result in a colorful look.

  • If you are unsure which colors to pair, take a look at complementary colors. Complementary colors are color pairs with good contrast and good match, facing each other on the color scale (for example: red–green, blue-orange, and yellow–purple).

  • Add emphasis to specific colors: select primary and secondary tones. The primary color will appear on most of the objects and the secondary color will be shown on less objects and/or smaller surfaces. Let one color dominate the space and the other colors be subordinates.

Great colorful living room examples

Below examples are from interior designers and interior-enthusiasts, mainly from Germany, Denmark, Norway and other countries in the Northern-European region. The photos are from Instagram, with linked sources - so you can check out these accounts for more contents.

In this corner, we have yellow as the primary color. It appears on the console table, picture frame and blanket as well, linking these objects together:

living room with yellow color

This light blue wall with the peach cabinet is a great example of complementary color pairs:

living room with pastel colors

Achieving a colorful interior is often done by hanging great art pieces on your wall:


Combine furniture, picture and wall color to achieve a full harmony:

colorful living rooms

Use the same vivid colors:

living room with vivid blue color

… or use different shades of a specific color, like in this living room: from pale light blue to vivid darker blue:

dining room with blue decor

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