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How to clean furniture

how to clean furniture

There are times when we clean more than usual – like today, during the time of coronavirus. The whole world is fighting against its spread, and one small step you can take to overcome this situation is that you clean regularly those things you frequently touch – like your furniture: the nightstand, your entryway shelf or dressing table, etc. A few minutes but it may contribute in saving yourself and your environment, too.

Before you start, the most important detail you have to pay attention to: different finish / material requires different way of cleaning. Read our recommendation here to keep your furniture’s original state and beauty as long as it is possible.

Cleaning mybettershelf furniture

If you have a mybettershelf furniture, here are a few tips to clean them efficiently in a way that you keep their beauty:

Cleaning the dust

Dust can appear so quickly, right? Even the slightest amount can ruin a good look if you look it from a specific angle. Use a soft and dry cloth and just swipe it off – there is nothing else to complicate.

Cleaning dirt and smear

If your coffee spilled out and then dried or somebody touched the furniture with greasy fingers, or maybe your cat had a fight with your plant and its ground came out, onto your beloved furniture – there is no reason to continue, as we know this is an endless list of such household events…

In this case, most of the times a soft and wet cloth will do the job. It does not have to be too wet and you do not necessarily need any detergent. Try it first just with water.If that does not help, switch to detergents. Soapy warm water will do the job if the dirt is stubborn and does not want to disappear. Either way you use, make sure that:

  • You use soft cloth that does not scratch the surface. High-gloss painted surface will show the scratches first, that is the most sensitive. Semi-gloss painted surface has a better resistance, but it is better if you are careful and use soft cloth.

  • You wipe off the water quickly and you do not let the surface be wet for a long time. Though the painting and wood finish are high quality, it is not designed for staying wet too long, it can harm the surface.


In special times like now, it is recommended to sterilize the furniture. Use detergents made for this purpose, but do not use hand sanitizer. This type of sanitizer is designed only for your hand and it is a paste, hard to apply on furniture. Use liquid or spray then wipe it off immediately after you apply it. Do not let it sit on your furniture as it may harm the surface if it stays there too long.

Revitalizing wood surfaces

If your beloved wooden furniture has lost its shine and become matte or pale, we suggest lightly sanding the surface then applying a new coat of furniture oil of wax. You can use linseed oil as well, and even olive oil that can be usually found in any household. You might have never thought about it, but it works as a wood finish!

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