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Floating nightstands – pros and cons

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

pros and cons of floating nightstands

More and more people have floating nightstands their homes, but if you are new to the topic, you may want to have a clear list of its advantages and disadvantages of this type of bedroom furniture. We tried to collect all the pros and cons that we suggest pondering on before making the decision.

The PROs of floating nightstands

  • Great space saving: floating nightstands are remarkably smaller than regular ones and they do not take up floor space. You will have extra space in your bedroom and there will be no hard-to-clean areas, like in case of the regular pieces. Actually, in most cases this is the #1 reason why our customers select our furniture.

  • Cost-efficient: since floating nightstands are smaller, it takes less time and material to make, therefore these are always cheaper than same quality regular nightstands.

  • Modern look: besides of the practical advantages, these shelves offer a trendy and contemporary look for your room, while you can still decide having something more traditional, by customizing the design, color, wood type, etc.

The CONs of floating nightstands

Though we love them, we do not want to hide such few factors that can be also considered as 'con' attributes – you can decide it:

  • floating nightstands have a fix position: they are mounted on the wall, so you will have to remount the shelves when rearranging your room.

  • smaller storage capability: as these shelves are remarkably smaller than regular bedside tables, they offer less storage area.

If you cast your vote for floating nightstand – such as we did –, why not check out our shop:

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