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Floating nightstand drawer fronts of 2018

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

floating nightstand drawer fronts of 2018

In 2018, we had the chance to build a lot of floating nightstands. It was a long year with many exciting orders. In fact, each order is unique as all the wood we use are hand-picked, carefully selected to be one-of-a-kind drawers in our customers' bedrooms.

After making all these bedside tables, we decided to select our four favorites and would be interested in Your opinion, too! Let's find out more about each shelf:

1. top / left: floating nightstand with solid oak drawer front. Here we have a beautifully textured, gravy oak with light and dark stripes.

2. top / right: floating bedside table with live edge maple drawer. This was an exceptionally interesting piece of wood as it has some flaws as well on its right side, but in our opinion, it just adds to the look. The asymmetric live edge breaks the symmetry giving a unique appearance.

3. bottom / left: floating drawer made of American walnut. A truly organic, nicely patterned piece of wood that won't be boring even after the thousandth glance.

4. bottom / right: floating nightstand with oak drawer. Here we have a really rare, wavy texture with medium color that immediately became one of our favorites.

And now, You tell us: which is your favorite? Which one should be the The Drawer Front of 2018?


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