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Custom design walnut bedside tables

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

custom design walnut bedside table

We had a long, long discussion with M. and it was really worth it. He contacted us with a custom request, to have a cutout on the back of the shelf, where the wall socket is located – basically the shelves should cover the sockets. However, at the same time, there still should be possibility to regularly use the sockets. For this purpose, we designed an openable back with invisible hinges.

The other topic of our discussion was the wood choice. We received several images about the ideas, showing dark wood colors and we sent possible options, various stained lighter wood and oiled darker wood pieces in reply. Our mutual agreement was american walnut as the best-looking and most elegant choice.

Two custom design floating nightstands were made – check the photo for one of the happy owners :-)

floating walnut bedside table

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