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5+1 tips and tricks to save space in your bedroom

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

All of us desire having a good rest after a long day, in a nice and cosy space – our bedrooms. It is one of the most important areas in our lives so it really matters how we feel in there. Is it a crowded room, with piles of clothes, pillows, fully packed shelves, dusty rugs – or a clean and airy space where each minute refills us with energy?

Forget crowded bedrooms: here are 5 ways + 1 bonus trick to make your bedroom more spacious, even if it is the smallest place in your home!

Make your bed!

A bed with crumpled sheets and blankets definitely creates an untidy look. The less objects, colors, shades your eye will see in a space, the more tidy it will look. It really worth to make your bed each day, select a cosy blanket that covers it all, maybe have one or two decoration pillows, but make sure not to overwhelm your bed with them – as this can generate an opposite effect.

Hide the small things

If there are too many small things in your bedroom, hide them. The more objects your eye can stuck on, the more crowded impression you’ll have about the space. Put away small knick-knacks, unnecessary decorations and present only the well-selected items that really add to your room’s look. Combining these decorations, focusing on a few colors only, you can set a unique and harmonizing interior.

Have a bed with storage

Having matching blanket chests with your bed looks nice, however it does not really work in small spaces. If your bedroom is small, it is more clever idea to have such bed which includes storage drawers for your blankets. You can save so much space this way: almost the whole size of bed can be used as storage, underneath your mattress.

Switch to floating nightstand

One of the greatest ways for space saving is having floating shelves and floating bedside tables, which do not take up any floor space. The floor gets easier to clean, while your room gets a modern look. There are many models, from the tiniest floating shelves to larger bedside cabinets with drawers – you name it.

Avoid large lamps

Well-designed, modern lamps hanging from the ceiling are really tempting, but if they are placed in a small room, it easily gets overcrowded. Do not necessarily throw away the idea: if you fell in love with a lamp, that is too large for the bedroom, you can still use it in other parts of your home. It makes sense to switch to a ceiling lamp or reading lamps that you put on your nightstands instead of big chandeliers.

+1 bonus trick: Mirrors!

It is a trick since it will not actually give more space to your bedroom, but will make you see your room airier. Having large mirror on your wall will create a more open area feeling instead of being amongst four close walls.


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