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Forget crowded bedrooms

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floating bedside tables

A modern type of bedroom furniture that does not take up much space: your room will be airier and easier to clean. 


Move your mouse over the image and mount the shelf in a second!

What makes it floating?

Does the floating bedside table really float? Newton would argue with this...

In fact, it has a hidden mounting system, called french cleat - which is not visible from the outside.

A clever and stable way for mounting shelves without regular brackets. 

You just mount the cleat on the wall, then hang the shelf on it.

It's that simple!

It is perfect for small spaces

Compared to classic nightstands, a floating bedside table does not take up floor space, your room gets airier and if you have bed drawers, it will not be on the way.

It is much smaller, which makes it quicker to manufacture and easier to ship – so your wallet will also feel better.

great space-saving

floating bedside tables take less space in your room & make the floor easier to clean


they require less making time and materials than regular nightstands and shipping is cheaper too

trendy & contemporary

upgrade your interior with a modern look while keeping the classic beauty of wood surfaces

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Which suits you the most?

You have dozens of options! More than 200 colors with almost a dozen wood types, plus different designs help you selecting your very own piece.

And if you cannot find it, we will make it for you as a custom order.

Your floating bedside table options

minimalist bedside drawer with white geometric design


Painting is done in specialized painter workshop, in most cases the shelves get semi-gloss finish. By request, we can do matte or high-gloss finishes, too.

solid oak floating bedside table

solid wood

High quality wood material is used (usually oak or walnut) and assembled with professional woodworking tools and techniques, We prefer making our bedside tables with smooth oiled finish.

wall mounted bedside table with live edge oak drawer

painted & wood

Having a painted cabinet with wooden drawer is a popular combination to get a minimalist look whilst keeping the natural touch of wood. You can easily match these bedside tables to your existing interior.


Happy shelf owners say...

Floating dressing table with matching nightstands

Communicating with mybettershelf to create our custom floating vanity and two nightstands was not only effortless but also immensely enjoyable. From start to finish, the entire process of ordering, receiving, and finally mounting the shelves was such a joy. We're very grateful to mybettershelf for creating these beautiful pieces which we will use and cherish for years to come.

Saving space with floating bedside tables

Minimalist wall-mounted drawer for a modern home

Floating bedside tables with a color match

space saver bedside table with walnut drawers
floating bedside table with american walnut drawer
minimalist wall mounted drawer for a modern home

The floating shelves are very beautiful and I think that they look great. The workmanship is top notch. Thank you for making these for us, we will enjoy them for years to come.

I totally love my new floating bedside tables. I am very picky and had been searching for months. They are made with exquisite craftsmanship.They fit perfectly into the required space. They were well packaged. Communication with mybettershelf was very good with a quick response to all questions.

floating dressing table with american walnut drawer

Prices start from only 189 USD/piece*

For this, you get all these benefits below:







free delivery to the UK

* in case of ordering two of the same model

professional build and a unique design you cannot get anywhere else

high quality painting and solid wood materials

no limitation in size - we can build any size for you

customization options - any special requests will be considered

free discussion with a designer, focusing on your needs

Ready to order? It's just a few clicks

1. Your order is made and dispatched within 3-4 weeks

Most of our furniture are made-to-order pieces, crafted with professional assembly, hand-picked wood material and exquisite finishing.

2. High protection packaging ensures safe delivery

We use extra protection so your shelves can arrive safe & sound no matter where you are located.

3. Delivered to

your doorstep

Your order is shipped via GLS and other carriers.

Free delivery to the UK!

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We design floating bedside tables - a great new way of bedroom furniture to save space and add a modern look to your interior.

We are based in Hungary and ship worldwide.

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