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Where to buy japandi furniture

It is always exciting to see new interios in design magazines and blogs, but what if we want to buy those pieces? Sometimes, it can be trickier than what you think, as those pieces may be custom-made or rare, or simply not named.

where to buy japandi furniture

With japandi style, you can easily feel the same, as it is a relatively new style and cannot be compared with the wide availability of the well-known Scandinavian style.

This is why we decided to offer some help: instead of showing jawdropping interiors (like we usually do), this time we are focusing on where to buy japandi furniture. You will have multiple options, from cheap to expensive, from simple to high-end designs.

[Note: since this article was published, the offerings and prices of the mentioned shops may have changed]

How to buy japandi furniture from the big stores

You can start your research with the largest furniture and decoration stores, but don’t search for “japandi”, because usually they do not give any results for such terms. However, they most likely have such items in their portfolio that match well with the japandi style. It is important to know the style well - if you know the main guidelines, you will not need to search for japandi, you will be able to recognize the right pieces in an instant!

On the other hand, a great advantage of these large stores is the exceptionally wide product palette that offers so many possibilities for your interior. At this time, we browsed the portfolio of IKEA, Zara Home, H&M Home and Kave Home.


Tolkning room divider made of rattan:

rattan room divider

Nordkisa open wardrobe with a sliding door, made of bamboo:

open wardrobe cabinet

Kaktusfikon plant pot, made of rattan:

rattan plant pot


Mini stained ash stool:

mini stool

Faux shearling pouffe

faux shearling pouffe

H&M Home

Black rattan cabinet

black rattan cabinet

Black rattan chair

black rattan chair

Kave Home

Oak sideboard

japandi oak sideboard

Solid teak table

teak table japandi

Support small businesses: Etsy

If you love interior design, you probably know Etsy and most likely you have already purchased from it, too. Etsy is full of individual professionals and small businesses which aim to keep up with the latest trends, so there is a pretty good chance that you’ll be able to buy japandi furniture there.

Here are few examples we found inspiring:

Minimalist stool by CoalaCraft:

minimalist stool

Japanese-inspired indoor planter by MinimumDesign:

japanese indoor planter

Coffee table set, made of oak by IDECHA:

coffee table set


On Pinterest, a whole new world will open up for you, when you search for japandi furniture. From DIY projects to high-end alternatives, everything is available, and many pins have links too, so it is easy to navigate directly to the seller’s website. Besides japandi, try alternative search terms as well, such as japanese, asian, minimalist, wabi sabi, etc.

+1 tip to buy japandi furniture: mybettershelf

You can also check our shop if you’re thinking about where to buy japandi furniture, as several pieces of our minimalist floating furniture are designed to fit into japandi interiors.

For example, this floating entryway shelf made of solid white-stained oak, offering space-saver, minimalist storage even for the narrowest entryways:

japandi entryway shelf

Or this set of round floating shelves - three simple shapes, each with its own individual meaning, available in oak and walnut:

japandi shelves

Would you like to learn more about interior design styles? In that case, these articles are written just for you.

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