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Pictures above nightstand: 5+1 ways to decorate your wall

Our bedroom decor would not be complete without pictures on the wall, and these pictures can greatly contribute to the whole atmosphere of the room. Select these pieces of decoration wisely, according to the interior design guidelines. In this article, we have brought five (plus one) of these guidelines to help you create a stunning bedroom setting.

pictures above nightstand

How to match the picture with your nightstand (or bed frame)

When selecting the wall decor for your bedroom, you can achieve the best result if you consider the look of your nightstand and bed frame. If there is a match, the outcome will be like a photo in an interior magazine.

There are plenty of ways to find a common attribute between your furniture and the picture. You can do the matching by:

  • color: the colors of the picture include the colors of your furniture, the colors are on the same harmony palette

  • theme: the theme of the picture goes well with your interior style - example: minimalist picture for a minimalist interior

  • picture frame: it should have the same wood type or color as your furniture

bedroom with dark furniture

Important: select one or two matching criterias, but do not overcomplicate your choice. You cannot take all these into consideration as it would entirely limit your freedom and creative thinking. With even one matching attribute, there is already some level of harmony that will contribute to a pinterest-worthy interior.

5+1 ideas for pictures above nightstands (and bed)

There is possibly more - but here are the five most common arrangement that works in most of the interiors:

The “all in”

If you want freedom and don’t like limits, select the “all in” arrangement. As its name suggests, you can have as many pictures as you want - the pictures cover a significant part of the wall, or even the whole wall area. There is little distance between them and they do not have to be aligned. Each picture adds to the final look, contributing to the atmosphere.

The centerpiece

The centerpiece method is the opposite of the previously described all-in arrangement. In this case, there is only one picture (or a matching pair) above your nightstand or bedframe. It can be huge or smaller, in either case it attracts the eye, being the only one visual art on the wall. It is carefully selected, either by its theme, color, or style to match the interior.

Elegantly aligned

For this arrangement, you need three or more pictures that you can align in a geometrical way. The alignment is usually symmetrical with even distances between the pictures. The pictures can be hung in one line, or in case of multiple pictures you can create two or even three rows of them.

The picture frame shelf

A picture frame shelf comes in handy especially if you do not like to mount pictures. In this case you just need to mount a long shelf that will hold your pictures. The pictures, thanks to the shelf, will be in one line, and you can decide whether you want to have egalized distances between them or rather go for a freer, more random alignment.

Photo memory wall

Perhaps the most personal way of bedroom decoration is having a memory wall: a collection of your photos. It can be analogue, digital, polaroid or anything else, in perfect alignment or randomly spread across the wall, you can always get reminded of your beautiful travels, your friends and relatives.

+1: when the entire wall is a picture

Wall-wide wallpapers are the grandiose versions of pictures above nightstands: the whole wall is a great picture or pattern that matches your interior and inspires you every day. It can also be painting on the wall if you want to go in a more artistic / DIY way. Here are some examples of multiple styles:

Find more inspirations on our Pictures above nightstand Pinterest board.

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