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Floating drawer for a living room – with a color match

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

floating drawer in a living room

This custom order was a perfect example for how these floating drawers work ideally not just in bedrooms but in living rooms or entryways and other rooms, too.

M. from Bayside, WI, USA was looking for a nice and small storage solution for their living room, to put some electric devices under their TV. For this, you can either have a regular console table or think about a more space-saver option like a wall-mounted floating drawer. He preferred the latter one to make sure their space remains spacious.

coffee table

For M. it was also important that the new furniture should match their existing interior. For this purpose, he sent some photos before ordering, so we could give suggestions which wood types should be considered. We started checking oak and light color walnut options then decided using oak for the drawer, as this was the closest alternative to the existing coffee tables. The new piece of furniture works absolutely well in the living room space – an add-on both functional and design wise. We love the result!

Find out more about custom floating drawer options:

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