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Fluted wood panel is a popular choice in contemporary interior design, whether it is about furniture making or using it as a decorative wall panel. We at mybettershelf design and make our own fluted wood panels for our furniture, but made them available as material supply as well.

fluted wood panel


fluted wood panel MDF


supplied as

raw material without painting*

16mm (~0.63") thickness

fluted wood panel oak


supplied as

raw material without finish*

16mm (~0.63") thickness

fluted wood panel walnut


supplied as

raw material without finish*

16mm (~0.63") thickness

*The photos show painted / finished surfaces.


fluted wood panel


each section is 2/3" wide

reeded wood panel


each section is 2/3" wide

Need fluted wood panels? Request an offer

Submit the size & material you need and get a quote:

fluted oak panel

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. We will get back to you in 24 hours!

Get free fluted wood panel samples

If you want to make sure that the design and the wood material is right for your project, we are happy to send you free samples. It's part of our free offerings - we only charge for delivery.

fluted oak material
fluted mdf material

See how our fluted wood panels are made

Have a question about our fluted wood panels?

Contact us and we'll reply in 24 hours.

Browse our fluted nightstands and dressing tables

These floating nightstands and floating dressing tables are made of the same materials listed above, adding a contemporary touch to their minimal design.

fluted nightstands

fluted nightstand

fluted dressing tables

fluted dressing table

Learn more about fluted wood panels

What are fluted wood panels good for?
For furniture building
Contemporary furniture designers and makers love using fluted wood panels for their projects, as the fluted feature gives a trendy and elegant look to their pieces.
For home decoration
Fluted wall panels have been featured on every interior design trend list in the past few years - they are spectacular, elegant yet minimalist, and seem to be ageless. Especially, because wall panelling has been around since the Greek and Roman periods (!) as part of the architecture.

How fluted wood panels are made
Fluted wood panels are usually made using high-precision CNC machine - just like mybettershelf wood panels. The advantage of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) is the computerized manufacturing process in which pre-programmed software and code controls the movement of production equipment - so the surface is precisely and evenly carved.
Types of textured wood panels: fluted, reeded, slatted
These textured wood panels are usually referred to as fluted panels, however, we distinguish fluted, reeded and also slatted designs. 

  • on our fluted panels, the surface has a vertical wavy (concave) pattern and its edges are smoothed out

  • on our reeded panels, the surface has vertical grooves similar to a V shape, with the sharp edges slightly eased out

In interior design, slatted wall panels are also very popular. However, slatted panels are slightly different than our fluted and reeded designs, because those panels include separate slats. The slats are either mounted to the wall separately or mounted to a panel that keeps them together. The key difference between our fluted wood panels and the slatted panels is that our fluted panels are carved out of one piece of wood or fiberboard, while the slatted panels have separate slats arranged in a parallel order. 

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