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Wall-mounted desk as workspace and nightstand

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

wall-mounted desk as a workspace

What makes a bedroom cosy? We may think first about soft blankets, rugs, pastel colors, our favorite decorations... but this project will expand our view, showing that a nice workspace corner can be also a key element of cosy interiors.

This interior design project was done by Cocoon Workshop, using mybettershelf's design and production. The basic idea was having floating nightstands made of high quality wood, especially European walnut which has lighter shade than the also popular American walnut. Instead of two identical floating bedside tables, the request was having a single-drawer piece for one side, and a long, wall-mounted desk for the other side, with three drawers. We loved this project: used two huge pieces of wood for the top, joined carefully not to break the beautiful pattern. When making the drawer fronts, we selected one long piece that we cut in thirds, so the drawers have a continuous pattern from one end to another.

As the depth of the desk is quite large, we suggested adding extra support on top of the usual french cleat mounting, so additional shelf brackets were used below the drawers.

The huge floating desk serves as a workspace, a cosy corner in the bedroom, adding a natural touch. Grab a notebook, make a coffee and you will stay the whole day in this place!

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floating nightstand and wall-mounted desk
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