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after-sale topics

user manual

Each box includes the user manual. If you lost it or somehow missing, you can download it here: download

delivery issues

If you feel that your shelves should have been already arrived, please check its tracking number via the carrier's tracking service or here:

It may be possible that the carrier would like to contact you but they do not have your phone number, so in all case please make sure to send us your tel.number / e-mail when placing the order.

damaged items

From our side, we prepare our boxes to be resistant to even extreme shipping conditions. However, if your shelves still got damaged during delivery, please take a photo of the damage and the packaging in order to resolve this issue. In all case, please keep the original packaging until we discuss the solution. Such photos are required also if we raise a complaint at the delivery services.


Returns are accepted only for standard products. Returning is possible in the original packaging. If you received not exactly what you ordered, we are ready to replace your shelves and cover all delivery costs.

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